Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Full Birthday Story

I felt Brailey's birthday deserved some further exploration and detailed description. The way Brailey was treated on her birthday just goes to show how very special she is, not only to me, but to other people as well, and since this blog is a dedication to my children, why not document it, right? Besides, I think you'll find the details quite entertaining!
See that happy face? I had a clearer picture I could have posted, but the flash didn't capture the glow of her pride like this shot did... She is holding the famous cake balls/pops that were actually her favorite birthday gift! The lady who made these, Renee, is truly amazing - I wrote about her in my Amazing Allies post. She brought these to Brailey after school on Friday, along with a gift from her boys, Nick and Ryan, who are two of Brailey and Britt's best friends. My parents came over for the weekend, and they were barely able to get out of their car before Brailey was showing them these adorable, Barbie pink cake pops. Brailey told Papa he could "look at them, but don't eat them until after dinner!" So of course my dad had to tease her and reach his arms around to pretend he was going to steal one... We also had a couple of Brady's friends down for the evening, and so Brailey was very excited to share her special treats with everyone. She carefully distributed them out, and we could pick whatever one we wanted, as long as it didn't have a heart on it. Papa was the last person to be served, and he said, "Which one do YOU want, Brailey Shaye?" And so she picked hers out, and then he teased her some more and said, "Okay! I'll just have all of these, then." He pretended to take the entire box, which got a ton of giggles and a big raise. And the present from Nick and Ryan was so cool - it was wrapped in Barbie pink paper with a gorgeous pink zebra ribbon that Brailey admired on the birthday table all weekend long, until first thing Monday morning, when she opened it. "It" was a News Anchor Barbie! This is so awesome, because number one, Renee IS a news anchor, and the best one in town, too. Number two, Brailey's class went to the news station where Renee works and watched her give a live broadcast about three weeks ago. They toured the building and were even on the end of the show! It was super cool. Number three, Brailey's class has been giving daily news reports every morning, microphone in hand and all. So you can see why the News Anchor Barbie was so precious to Brailey... It was a special, generous gift, and it made Brailey very happy.
The beautiful cake balls/pops, in Barbie pink! Aren't they gorgeous?! They are delicious, too - trust me, I know... !

Enjoying her first cake pop. Mmmmmmmm!

Here is the special "present table," where all her gifts collected themselves, causing anticipation and enjoyment right up until the time they were opened.

Brady made a special point to wait to see the new Cabela's in town until he could take my dad. So on Sunday morning, after Brailey opened her gifts from Gramma and Papa, Brady took Papa and Britt to town to see the famous store, and they found these cool Cabela's hats.

Instead of having us buy her presents, this year, Brailey wanted to go shopping. And she took her time and made some wise choices and good decisions on what she got, and she is still thrilled with everything she was able to buy. We gave her a limit, of course, and she really weighed her options to get the most bang for her buck. And lucky for her, Gramma Diggy had sent her money, too, so she was able to use that money, also.

I always let my kids get something small when it is the other kid's birthday. Britt got the new Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides action figures, of course, that he has been dying to get. He hasn't stopped playing with them since he opened the package...!

Brailey and friends at her class party.

See that sweet face? She got to sit in the special teacher chair while every kid in the class paid Brailey a compliment. It made me tear up! What a neat thing for kids to learn how to do, though - they're leaning a life skill, and they don't even know it. My friend Sandi is their teacher, and you can read more about her in my Amazing Allies post, also. She has been such a blessing to have in the classroom as a fill-in for Brailey's original teacher, who had her baby and is home.

And here the lovely fill-in teacher is! Sandi and Brailey Shaye. Two pretty girls in polka dots!

And here we have our beloved Lambert girls, Kimmy and JJ, who Brailey loves more than anyone in the world. They brought her the gorgeous flowers you saw in the other birthday post and Jaden picked out this adorable swimsuit, which Brailey LOVES! Jaden knew she would love it - they are so in tune with each other... Jaden also made her a beautiful card with a horse in it. Brailey was so excited to see them because Kimmy had told her they had something to give her for her birthday, and she knows how special the Lamberts always make her feel. Even Brian and Griffin wrote sweet words on her card, and she was so happy about that simple detail. See? It's the little things that count...

The perfect birthday kiss from the perfect little brother.  He was so sweet to Brailey on her birthday! A girl in his class had a birthday celebration on the same day, and she brought delicious donuts for everyone, and even though Britt, who has a bigger sweet tooth than his mother, "really-really wanted to eat the whole donut," he only ate half of it and saved the other half for Brailey, which he brought to her during her class celebration. Fortunately, he was able to come and enjoy treats with us, since their classrooms are right across the hall from one another. I was so proud of him for the donut gift, because he did it all on his own, without anyone telling him to do it. Talk about sweet!

The blowing out of NINE (ahhhh!) candles...

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