Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer 2011, Chapter Two

Well. What can we say? We are, of course, loving every second of summer. But we are also learning how to roll with the punches life throws our way, the latest being our precious Princess B...

She went from this... Her first volleyball camp at Northwest Christian University, where she had the best time ever and learned how to serve overhand and lots of other important skills and also got to bond with two of her teammates from her volleyball team last fall.
To this...
To this.
Freshly signed cast by yours truly - I was thrilled she picked my favorite color, purple, for her cast.
So yah, we are a little blue... On Friday, exactly one week after Rosin was attacked and one day after her volleyball camp, Brailey was happily running and skipping along in her high healed flip flops (even though the rule is not to run in flip flops) when she slipped and fell on our patio and here we are. We're starting to feel a little wary of Friday evenings... She ripped a bunch of ligaments in her ankle and cannot bear to take even the slightest bit of weight on her foot. And it will actually probably take longer to heal than a broken bone would have. So no swim lessons for Shaye-Shaye, which start next week, and no barrel racing, either. And not much of anything, frankly, at least for the next few weeks. HOWEVER, we are grateful it wasn't worse, we are grateful we found brand new crutches at Goodwill for only $9.98 instead of $35.00 for a new pair or renting them for $25.00, and we are grateful it happened after her volleyball camp and not before. Is it sad? Yes. Is it depressing? A little.

But then I think about our 16 year old friend from Harney County who recently wrecked her brand new pickup, thereby breaking both arms and every rib in her body, puncturing a lung and suffering brain damage - she is still in the hospital in an induced coma, and they aren't even able to get all the glass and gravel out of one of her arms, just yet, because she is too fragile at present. And even more overwhelming is the fact that her mother was the First Responder to her wreck, along with a lifetime family friend, and I can't even imagine the trauma they must be living with. Her pickup flipped end over end, not side over side... Can you imagine? The point being, they are in the midst of one of the worst tragedies of their life, and in desperate need of prayers if you have some to spare.

So a little casted leg is certainly disappointing, but in the grand scheme of things? It's nothing. But it is a good reminder for how quickly things can change - literally, in one heartbeat. So onward we go with our summer, casted leg and all, and fun will be had, one way or another.


  1. oh my sorry to hear about Brailey's accident...everytime Drewsey wears flip-flops I threaten to BURN them! both of the girls LOVE their flip-flops tho and yes, they have the same rule...I hope she gets healed up really fast, so she can still enjoy some of her summer vacation without a cast on!!
    I also heard about the gal from harney county, actually thru someone on facebook and I have been following her caringbridge page...soooo sad, I just cannot EVEN imagine what her family is going thru...well, actually I can..remember when Clay and Dale's son Colt was in that accident years ago & was in a was the worst experience ever...
    Hope you guys have an awesome 4th to you all~

  2. Wow Brailey, thats a neat cast. Did you like wearing it and having people sign it. I've never had a cast. I've always wanted to wear one to see what it feels like inside. Do u have any more pics of it. How bad did your ankle hurt, Ive never broken a bone. Thanks, Lindsey...

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