Thursday, July 21, 2011

Albany Fun in the Sun

Three cutie-patooties! The cutie in the black next to my cutie in the pink is my sweet Godson, Nolan.

Brailey and her Godmother, Nikki. They both wore their "Hawaii" shirts, even though they didn't plan it! Nikki got one for Brailey when she was in Hawaii on her honeymoon a couple of months ago. Isn't it fun that they both had them on? Totally unplanned? On the same day? YES!

Call this the Hawaii-Five-O group shot... Nikki couldn't stop laughing when I said I would "get my tripod out of my purse." "You have a tripod in there?" she asked me. And I assured her I did (it's just a little fellar!), and thanks to having it with me at all times, we were able to get this awesome picture of the five of us. Two country girls from Eastern Oregon with their precious babes. I love this picture!

On a side note, our original plan was to go see a movie. Nikki and I are so much alike when it comes to money, though,  both of us nearly had a stroke right there at the movie ticket counter when the salesman told us the price of the movie. MATINEE PRICING, mind you... What can we say? We're not cheap, just smart! $29.00 bucks for the two B's and I to get in the door - not worth it! We'll wait for the $1.50 theatre in Eugene. In any case, Nikki said, "So guys, what do you want to do instead?" And Brailey said, "How about we get ice cream and go to a park?" Which is what we did - Nolan took us to his favorite park, and the three of them had a great time playing while Nikki and I talked, which was better than seeing a movie anyway. It was a great day!


  1. Great pictures. Where did you get your mini tripod? What a great idea and super handy.


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