Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Do Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul Think They Are Designer Boutiques?

Oh my GOSH Goodwill and St. Vinny's have gotten outrageous in their pricing! And I'm not the only one to notice it, either. I've had conversations with complete strangers over how ridiculously high their prices have become. I thought it was mostly just Eugene, but the B's and I were in Albany a few days ago, and they are even higher than Eugene!

I used to go to Goodwill and St. Vinny's all the time. That is where my entire wardrobe came from, and almost all of my kiddos' clothes came from there. We used to love to go and browse the merchandise. It was so much fun to find a treasure! There is nothing like the feeling of finding something for a good price that you could never find or otherwise afford.

Today, however, it is rare that I step foot into one of the stores. I have been boycotting them. I wish more people would do the same, but for some reason, people just keep on going! These stores are every bit as packed as the mall, and frankly, they might as well be considered a high end chain store with their pricing the way it is today. In fact, their prices are so high, I'm better off going to Walmart or Target and getting something brand spanking new!

My anger has been rekindled, because I started going back into the stores in search of books for my B's... Like I shared with you earlier, Brailey has become enthralled with the Boxcar Children. We discovered them at St. Vinny's - we made a special trip to find her some books to read since she had to lay low with her cast for a while, and St. Vinny's is the best place to find books. St. Vinny's prices their books cheaper than Goodwill's (.50 for a kid's book vs. 1.00), AND they organize their books by subject and alphabetically by author. SO MUCH EASIER TO NAVIGATE. Anyway, long story short, St. Vinny's had a ton of the Boxcar Children, but I only bought a few, not knowing if Brailey would like them or not. We also search for Magic Treehouse books, which are Britt's favorites.

Well, when we went to get more Boxcar Children books, only a few days later, they were almost all gone! I couldn't believe it... And so that started us on our journey to find more. So when we found ourselves in Albany last week, and were driving right by the Goodwill, we stopped in. It was our lucky day! Britt found 5 or 6 Magic Treehouses, and even though Brailey didn't find a Boxcar, she did find a couple of shirts she loved. Wouldn't you know the children's clothing was right next to the books? Well, in Eugene, kid's clothes are the ONLY thing Goodwill sells at a decent price - $1.99 per item, unless they find it to be special and worth more. I was shocked to find that Albany's pricing on kid's shirts is $2.99! For a USED ITEM! And the jeans are even MORE! They are marked at $5.99 and UP! Can you believe that?! I was absolutely outraged... And it did grate on my nerves that I was paying a buck for each of Britt's books, but they are so hard to find, I felt it was justified on my part.

I understand they do have their little discount pricing system, but I've never had good luck with finding anything worth having in that pricing. Everything has been so picked over by that point there is nothing left to choose from. So this brings me to the big question in my mind - WHO IS BUYING STUFF AT FULL PRICE AND WHY ARE THEY BUYING IT USED WHEN THEY COULD GO TO A STORE AND GET IT BRAND NEW FOR PRACTICALLY THE SAME PRICE? Seriously, who are these people?

I wish everyone would boycott the stores so they would come down on their pricing and become the fun, affordable place they used to be. Brailey found a used purse she wanted to get for her friend Jaden the other day at St. Vinny's, and they wanted $6.97 for it! That is the cheapest price on ALL their purses - they go up from there! Can you believe that? It was a USED BAG!

So for now, we are searching for our books, and that's it. And the odd item that might, by some miracle, be affordable. But for other fun stuff, we're going to stick with yard sales and chain stores. Like my mother-in-law says, nowadays, you can get a quality item for a lot less. Walmart has some really good brands that actually do last! And so does Target. I've never been too big on labels, myself, but I would certainly rather buy something new for less than buy something used for more. I wonder if this will ever change, or if the prices will continue to escalate? Whatever happens, I miss my bargain hunting days, but I refuse to back down from my stand. Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul should be ASHAMED of themselves...

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  1. this post had me cracking up in my cube at work... i can just see you! the big goodwill in Seattle that we went to is still pretty cheap, i think cause it is so big... but they do have a 'designer section' that gets pricey. I notice at consignment stores for clothes they are really expensive and I'm with you - tHIS IS USED! good point!!! n


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