Monday, July 25, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

While Brailey got her cast cut off, Britt got to work with his dad (for a whopping 45 minutes!). As soon as he knew he was going to be doing this, he rifled through his tee-shirt drawer and found his Ehlers shirt. He worked really hard while he was "on the clock," and was absolutely exhausted for the rest of the day. But he did earn a little money, so it was all worth it.

Brady talked Britt into taking his shirt off to "get a little sun." Here he is mimicking Brady, and he copied every movement Brady made. It was so cute and funny! Brady didn't even realize Britt was following him for a while, so Britt had a big time copying every gesture, right down to SPITTING...! Of course, as his mother, I thought it was adorable, minus the spitting part, of course.

He is checking out his dad to see what he's doing so he can make his next move. They were watching Brailey ride Tex. Britt had just ridden him, and he was waiting for his next turn. And pretending to be Brady's shadow. THESE ARE THE DAYS, I tell you. These are the DAYS!

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