Friday, July 22, 2011

She Graduated! From a Cast to a Boot...!

She had a countdown going on the number of days, hours and minutes until her cast could come off, and when it did, she was so excited and happy! It tickled a lot when they cut it off, so she had a major case of giggles. And although we thought she would have a major tan line, she really didn't have that much of a line, so it should catch up to the rest of her skin shade real fast.

Yes, her bum leg should tan up nicely, especially considering she is allowed to participate in swim lessons! I went ahead and kept her in this session, even though she missed the first part of it, in the hopes she would be able to do them at the end of the session, and it all worked out. Her doctor said she could swim! And she was the absolute HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE POOL! I've never seen her more excited for something. After watching all the other kids for the past three weeks, she was READY! And her sweet instructor, William, even helped her climb the stairs so she could go down the slide, so that was extra icing on the cake, for sure. Happiness at it's best!

Brady couldn't wait any longer and after she came home without a cast, he saddled up Texi-Man for her to at least walk around on. It felt good to her, but a little unsettling, too. Two feet in the stirrups is always better! But we are thrilled she at least has a boot we can take off for sleeping, bathing and swimming. Happiness!


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