Tuesday, August 30, 2011

PBR Meet and Greet 4 B's Style

We were so thrilled to be able to attend our most beloved PBR of them all - the Ross Coleman Invitational! Brady was beyond thrilled to be asked to judge it, and all four of us had the time of our lives, just like we always do at Ross' event. We were treated like royalty! And we were so lucky to be able to experience such a wonderful show and to meet some really cool PBR celebrities - that's what they are to me, anyway. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the best weekend of our summer...
Meet J.B. Mauney and his BIGGEST FAN - ME! I got to talk to him both days, and it was a such a thrill for me! He is so nice and polite and sweet and humble. I am thrilled to have this picture!
Brailey Shaye gave Big Daddy a smooch before he left us to go judge. He couldn't ask for a sweeter daughter, that's for sure. Lucky for him, she's a Daddy's Girl all the way...
Britt took this picture of Brailey and I. He's starting to take an interest in pictures, just like his big sister. Brailey took almost 200 pictures over the two days we were there, and she got some really cool ones of the other stars of the PBR, the BULLS!
Britt was trying to hide behind the hay bleachers and then sneak up on me, but I got the best of him and snapped this shot. He was so adorable - he kept going to the VIP tent and getting Brailey and I cookies and peanuts and water and fizz and whatever we wanted (or didn't, for that matter). He would say, "Special delivery!"
He found a small patch of blackberries next to our trailer, and he spent at least 45 minutes picking them. Even with all the ones he ate, he managed to fill his little bowl.
And here we have our little B's with the 2004 PBR World Champion Bull Rider Mike Lee! He was so gracious and sweet. They just don't make 'em any better than cowboys... I'm so glad to have my very own to love and cherish - he's a keeper!
And this was REALLY exciting for us, because we have watched Flint Rasmussen for years! He's the "clown" of the PBR, and he is extremely witty and funny and more than entertaining. I first saw him at the Pro Rodeo in Sisters years and years ago, and now he is an American icon. We were so happy to be able to catch him for this fun shot!
And here we have me, Big Mama, with the incredible Cord McCoy! Remember him from The Amazing Race? He was so gracious and kind and positive and, frankly, AMAZING! He and his brother came in second in The Race, by 8 minutes. I wish they would have won, but he's a winner anyway, so what can we say? He's one cool cat!
We couldn't resist snapping a picture of Brady with these two lovely ladies... You have to admit it is a great shot!
Our beautiful Brailey Shaye in the VIP tent. She looked so beautiful both nights she took my breath away. And she's sweet, to boot! What are we going to DOOOOOOOOOOOO?
And our handsome little cowboy. He had a blast playing in the hay. They also both rode the Robo Bull, which Britt surprisingly looked really natural on, and now he is claiming he wants to be a bull rider. I told him "NO WAY," but he thinks he needs to try it. I think he's just teasing his mother - I mean, what Mama's Boy would do that to his mother, anyway?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Funny Pages

More often than not, my little B's crack me up! I know every parent thinks their children are the funniest in the world, and I'm no exception to that rule. That being said, I thought I would share some of their funnier comments from the summer.

Allow me to set the stage for you... When we were in Long Beach, I mentioned that I needed to buy some peanuts. Brady gets a little uncomfortable when it comes to talk of pooh, and I love to tease him and get his goat by talking about it as much as possible. Ironically, I used to be just like him, but I've found that after changing countless diapers, there is a lot to be learned from pooh. And if you don't believe me, then you need to look no farther than Dr. Oz. Anyway, after I shared that I needed to buy some peanuts, Brady asked the all important "why?" So I explained that I was feeling constipated from the travel, that traveling always makes me constipated, and I needed some peanuts for fiber.

So time goes by, and last week when Brailey was making her Tooth Fairy House, she used a peanut for some food and the shell for a bed. She quickly reassured me I had nothing to worry about. "Don't worry, Mom, I'm only taking one. You'll have plenty for your constipation." 

A few days ago, I tweaked my wrist on something and said "Ow!" And Brailey said, "Man, Mom, I hope you didn't rip your ligaments!" I assured her that I had not, and Britt chimed in with his two cents, saying, "Yah, you can't rip your ligaments in your wrist, because they are LEG-a-ments. That can only happen in your leg."
And last but not least, one day a few weeks ago, when we were going for food, Brady asked me where I wanted to eat, and I said, "I don't care, wherever you want to. You pick." Britt piped up from the backseat, "Awwww Dad, let's just eat where Mom wants to eat, because YOU KNOW, if the mom's not happy, nobody in the family is happy." He's heard this from me before, but it was still funny to hear him say it all on his own...

Sadly, time always seems to fade these funny moments. Thank goodness for this blog to document them forever and ever!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Summer Picnic

The two little B's and I had a picnic last week. It was Friday, and I was out mowing the lawn and watering the plants while they played at their "park." As I was finishing, I asked them if they were ready for lunch, and Brailey said, "Yes and Mom? Britt and I would like to have a picnic. Could we have a picnic today?" "Of course you can!" I said, even though I was thinking "darn it!"

I've admitted it before and I'll admit it to you now - I'm not the funnest of mothers. And when they asked me for a picnic, even though I said YES, I was actually thinking, "Oh man! Another big mess to clean up and a pain in the ass to prepare..." This thought was followed by a BIG SIGH.

As I came in the house to get their picnic ready, I found them both at the kitchen sink, washing Brailey's play picnic basket cups and plates and utensils. So while she cleaned, I made their sandwiches and gathered some cheese stick and cut up some apples and then Britt wondered if we were EVER going to use the A&W Root Beer in the refrigerator, and could we pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease have some today for the picnic? So I said sure! Why not? And we packed it all up in Brailey's special basket.

And as I prepared their lunch, I thought to myself, "I hope they don't want me to join them. I don't want to go on a picnic." And then I started thinking about what I would say if they asked me... Just when I thought I was in the clear, Brailey said, looking at me with a face that said she already knew the answer was "no," "What about you, Mom? Would you like to join us?"

You can imagine how surprised I was when I said "yes, I would!" Even though I really didn't want to, but I didn't tell them that. And so we loaded the basket and drinks into the wagon they brought out of the shop, found a blanket, spread it out on our new lawn, and proceeded to have our little picnic. And the biggest surprise of all was how much I enjoyed it! Their company was so charming and sweet and delightful, I found myself feeling ashamed for not wanting to do it in the first place, even if I didn't share those feelings directly with them. They still had an inkling I wouldn't want to. But yet they still asked me, and I made myself do it, and it is one of the most special memories I have of this summer, 2011.

We talked about lots of things, waved at the neighbors as they drove by, shared a smile over our two dogs plopping themselves down beside us, and laughed when Brailey's root beer sprayed her in the face as she opened her drink cup (that ride in the wagon must have shook it up!). The breeze was light, the sun was bright, the shade was cool and the only thing that would have made it better, according to my two B's, was if Brady could have been there with us. But I have to say, even without Brady, it was the most wonderful picnic I've ever been on, and I'm so thankful to my B's for showing me such a simple joy, which turned out to be a heartfelt, tremendous joy in my heart and another precious memory I will treasure forever. Thank goodness for my B's, reminding me to enjoy the simple things in life.

Oh, and in case you were wondering? The cleanup was a piece of cake! The entire experience lasted less than an hour. But it will last forever in my mother's heart...

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Tooth Fairy House

This week has been a busy one for the Tooth Fairy at The 4 B's Ranch... Two teeth in two nights, IN A ROW! First, Brailey had to go to the dentist to have a baby molar tooth pulled that was growing up instead of down and attaching to the bone. I didn't realize what a major procedure this would be. Well, not major, but more difficult than I had anticipated. She had to have deadening shots and the whole works, and even Tylenol 3 afterwards, which caused her to miss a swim lesson (bad, bad planning on Big Mama's part!). I have to say, she was quite hysterical and loopy on her pain meds, but I'm getting off track from my story. So, when she felt more normal in the afternoon, she decided to make the Tooth Fairy a nice little house to spend the night in. Hence, the scene below...

To fully understand how much we adore the Tooth Fairy, I have to back up about three weeks, when Brailey lost another tooth (her first molar, in case you were wondering). The next day, after the Tooth Fairy had visited her, she told me she actually felt the Tooth Fairy come and take her tooth! She felt her lift up her pillow to take the tooth and then lift it up again to leave the money... Can you imagine?! I asked her if she saw "her," and she said no, she just kept her eyes closed and then went to sleep. YIKES! Close call there, yah?

So we were very excited to have the Tooth Fairy come again, and Brailey spent all afternoon working on her  little Fairy House. She is quite certain the Tooth Fairy slept there, because the food she left for her was gone!

And ironically, we also think she must have loosened one of Britt's teeth during her visit, because when he woke up that same morning, he had a new wiggly tooth! And it was very, very wiggly. SO wiggly, in fact, he yanked it right out! And that was a big deal for Britt, because unlike his sister, who has pulled every single one of her teeth on her own, except for that one molar the dentist had to get, he doesn't like pulling teeth or even losing them. He would be very happy to keep all his baby teeth. That visit from the Tooth Fairy and her stay in the Tooth Fairy House must have inspired him to be braver than ever before, and wa-lah! Another visit from the blessed Tooth Fairy... Thank goodness Brailey made her that house - she probably needed a little rest after all that traveling to Coburg!
 The Tooth Fairy Condo...
 With a sign to let her know it was for her...
And a special invitation.
 The prized molar.
And the prized bottom incisor.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pretty Little Mama

Yes! We got to see our Alli Jo as she made her way back home (north of Seattle), and we enjoyed every single second of it! She was down for her baby shower - did you notice that little baby bump? Seven and a half months pregnant, she is, and all she has showing is that adorable little bump! Lucky girl...! Her baby boy wouldn't move around for us, but Brailey was so thrilled to spend time with Allison. She talked about her nonstop for the rest of the day - it was a tough transition for Brailey to go without skating over last year and a half. Worse than that was missing her "Allison Time," though - Allison is like a big sister to Brailey and the two of them really bonded. (Remember Allison was Brailey's ice skating coach and both Brailey and Britt were in her wedding last summer - you can find the wedding in the July 2010 posts, and in fact, you should check it out if you haven't seen it, because it was a super cool wedding.) Allison was also Britt's first "love," until she married her Jay, and she actually took Britt on his first date. So you can see she is very special to us, and we miss her like crazy! She is also a tad on the short side... Brailey and Britt both are nearly as tall as she is, now! Although Brailey did have added height from her boot and wedge flip flop. Still, Allison is our Pretty Little Mama, because she is very pretty and very petite and she is going to be the best mother in the world. And as you can see from the picture below this text, my nickname of Big Mama is fitting, as well! Nevertheless, Big Mama, Pretty Little Mama and the two little B's equals a whole lot of love, and now we are going to have another part of Allison to love, as well. His arrival is forecasted for the middle/end of October. We're excited!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Little Ropers

My two little B's have decided they want to practice their roping. I have been trying to get them to practice for a couple of years, but all of a sudden, this is the year. Brady got them all lined out one evening, and then one of the nicer days we had, when it was almost a little bit hot, they decided to practice. There's just nothing like a girl in her bikini with a boot on her leg swinging a rope... So adorable! Britt gets a little mad and frustrated, but he's getting very close to learning how to throw his loop. Brailey is a tiny bit ahead of him in her skills, and she actually caught the head twice in a row! She has a really good loop, so it will be fun to see how she progresses. Before we know it, they will be roping off a horse... Better that than riding bulls, right? Brailey has always said she wants to be a breakaway roper and a barrel racer - this summer put a crink in our plans for that, but there's always tomorrow. And Britt wants to be a bull dogger (steer wrestler) or a rodeo clown. Yah - that made me laugh, too. But at least if he becomes a rodeo clown, he'll always be guaranteed a check! In the meantime, let's just hope they keep up with the roping.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beauty and the Beach

These are some of my favorite pictures from Long Beach. It is such a gorgeous stretch of sand and water... I MEAN! If you ever get the opportunity to go there, I highly recommend it.
Daddy with his Daddy's Girl... Even with a boot on her leg, she still managed to enjoy the beach.
Brady watching Britt have fun in the water. Britt can never resist digging his toes into the frigid surf!
Brailey found this "amazing" stick in the water - the waves literally washed it on shore right before our eyes. Britt, who would do anything for his big sister, ran out into the water as fast as his legs would carry him to get it for her. It was covered with thousands of while shell looking creatures on the end of wormy looking things. Very interesting to study! But we have no idea what they were. They didn't look like barnacles, but what do we know? We're country folk!
My very handsome, very sweet, very happy husband. What a man!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sand Art

This past weekend found The 4 B's on the Longest  Beach in the World! That's what Long Beach WA claims, and I believe them, because it truly is one super loooooooooooong beach. We drove down onto the sand and were blessed with beautiful weather - sun, no wind and even a receding tide. I didn't realize how much drawing in the sand we did until I downloaded our pictures - apparently we were feeling quite artistic...!
By Brailey - she started the sand art madness with this heart, which says, of course, 4 B's.
Big Mama's contribution.
Britt created this masterpiece - I think it started out as a heart?
Another of mine - as you can see, I'm not real creative, but there is something irresistible about drawing in the sand.
Brailey made this horse shoe design.
Britt's star with a big B in it, which he had us all "initial."
And here we have Brady's message, although I couldn't get it all in the camera frame. He drew a big heart around the words. Sweet, huh?
Brailey is a true artist -  she went the extra mile with this design and decorated it with a few treasures she found on the beach.

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