Tuesday, August 30, 2011

PBR Meet and Greet 4 B's Style

We were so thrilled to be able to attend our most beloved PBR of them all - the Ross Coleman Invitational! Brady was beyond thrilled to be asked to judge it, and all four of us had the time of our lives, just like we always do at Ross' event. We were treated like royalty! And we were so lucky to be able to experience such a wonderful show and to meet some really cool PBR celebrities - that's what they are to me, anyway. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the best weekend of our summer...
Meet J.B. Mauney and his BIGGEST FAN - ME! I got to talk to him both days, and it was a such a thrill for me! He is so nice and polite and sweet and humble. I am thrilled to have this picture!
Brailey Shaye gave Big Daddy a smooch before he left us to go judge. He couldn't ask for a sweeter daughter, that's for sure. Lucky for him, she's a Daddy's Girl all the way...
Britt took this picture of Brailey and I. He's starting to take an interest in pictures, just like his big sister. Brailey took almost 200 pictures over the two days we were there, and she got some really cool ones of the other stars of the PBR, the BULLS!
Britt was trying to hide behind the hay bleachers and then sneak up on me, but I got the best of him and snapped this shot. He was so adorable - he kept going to the VIP tent and getting Brailey and I cookies and peanuts and water and fizz and whatever we wanted (or didn't, for that matter). He would say, "Special delivery!"
He found a small patch of blackberries next to our trailer, and he spent at least 45 minutes picking them. Even with all the ones he ate, he managed to fill his little bowl.
And here we have our little B's with the 2004 PBR World Champion Bull Rider Mike Lee! He was so gracious and sweet. They just don't make 'em any better than cowboys... I'm so glad to have my very own to love and cherish - he's a keeper!
And this was REALLY exciting for us, because we have watched Flint Rasmussen for years! He's the "clown" of the PBR, and he is extremely witty and funny and more than entertaining. I first saw him at the Pro Rodeo in Sisters years and years ago, and now he is an American icon. We were so happy to be able to catch him for this fun shot!
And here we have me, Big Mama, with the incredible Cord McCoy! Remember him from The Amazing Race? He was so gracious and kind and positive and, frankly, AMAZING! He and his brother came in second in The Race, by 8 minutes. I wish they would have won, but he's a winner anyway, so what can we say? He's one cool cat!
We couldn't resist snapping a picture of Brady with these two lovely ladies... You have to admit it is a great shot!
Our beautiful Brailey Shaye in the VIP tent. She looked so beautiful both nights she took my breath away. And she's sweet, to boot! What are we going to DOOOOOOOOOOOO?
And our handsome little cowboy. He had a blast playing in the hay. They also both rode the Robo Bull, which Britt surprisingly looked really natural on, and now he is claiming he wants to be a bull rider. I told him "NO WAY," but he thinks he needs to try it. I think he's just teasing his mother - I mean, what Mama's Boy would do that to his mother, anyway?


  1. Wow you guys had a great time! You know so many people and do get the royal treatment - soooo cool for the kids too. What an incredible childhood they have! Britt will be too tall for a bull rider right? And Brailey - yes beauty, sweetness and brains - it will be so fun to watch her grow up... hugs, coley

  2. Cool pics Twin! You look GORGEOUS in all of them!!! I want that pic of Britt hiding in the hay!! So cute!


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