Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sand Art

This past weekend found The 4 B's on the Longest  Beach in the World! That's what Long Beach WA claims, and I believe them, because it truly is one super loooooooooooong beach. We drove down onto the sand and were blessed with beautiful weather - sun, no wind and even a receding tide. I didn't realize how much drawing in the sand we did until I downloaded our pictures - apparently we were feeling quite artistic...!
By Brailey - she started the sand art madness with this heart, which says, of course, 4 B's.
Big Mama's contribution.
Britt created this masterpiece - I think it started out as a heart?
Another of mine - as you can see, I'm not real creative, but there is something irresistible about drawing in the sand.
Brailey made this horse shoe design.
Britt's star with a big B in it, which he had us all "initial."
And here we have Brady's message, although I couldn't get it all in the camera frame. He drew a big heart around the words. Sweet, huh?
Brailey is a true artist -  she went the extra mile with this design and decorated it with a few treasures she found on the beach.

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