Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of Second and Fourth Grades

A sad day for Big Mama... I don't remember crying last year, but this year, for some reason, I couldn't hold them in. Tears leaked out, much to my chagrin... Brady started laughing at me, and then hugging me. What can we say? I just love my two little B's SO MUCH, and they are such a source of comfort and joy for me, and I can hardly stand to be without them. My kids are so much fun for me to be with and to listen to and just wonderful kids to be around. Truly, I cannot imagine being one those moms that is actually "happy" for school to start and the routines to return. NO WAY! Not me. And frankly, were it not detrimental to their upbringing, I SO would homeschool them... I feel like I am throwing them to wolves, but they have to learn how to deal with all the crazies in the world somehow, right? Oh well! Onward and upward into another year of school. Ready or not, here we go!
 This was last night before Britt's football practice started... The two bestie siblings!

 In front of the brand spanking new school sign!

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