Thursday, September 1, 2011

Looney Tunes Discovery

Yes, my B's just discovered Looney Tunes! We haven't watched much tv at all this summer, but Brailey has been sick this week, and so I relented a little and let them watch a couple of shows, and they were so happy! All day long yesterday, they talked to me about what happened in the episodes they saw. And much to my surprise and enjoyment, there is a NEW Looney Tunes cartoon on at night, which I let Brailey watch while Britt was at football practice. Okay, okay - I admit it... I actually sat down to watch one episode myself. And it was great! The voices are a little different than the originals, but there's just nothing like a Looney Tune, is there? But what I really wanted to share with you is the names my B's call the characters... More of my documentation of their wonderful humor, which they don't even know is funny! They have been calling the characters "Sibbity Sam," "Elmer Fudge," and "Laffy Duck." I love it! Somehow, the names they use make the cartoon characters that much funnier for me...


  1. funny nick names Twin!!! I LOVE that Peppe the skunk that chases that cat!

  2. We've had that "new" version of Looney Toons on this summer a few times too. Whenever it's on, I find myself laughing out loud - especially at the new female rabbit that is constantly after Bugs Bunny...she cracks me up!


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