Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer 2011, Final Chapter

Wow... Another summer come and gone. And this was a wild one! We had planned to have a nice, easy, slow summer, but it ended up being busier than ever. What can we say? Sometimes you just have to roll with it, right? Which is what we did, and although school starts tomorrow and I am sad, I am also telling myself the rest of the year is special, too. Because otherwise, that's only two months out of the year that we're happy, and that isn't acceptable at all! And despite it all, we had a really wonderful summer full of memorable moments. I actually meant to get a Summer 2011, Chapter Three and maybe even Four and Five posted, but things got too busy, and so it all comes down to The Final Chapter...
Britt and Griffin started their Pop Warner Football season a couple of weeks ago... Here they are on the line next to each other - Britt is in the tie-dye, and Griffy is on his right. This was their first scrimmage!

Brailey finally, finally, FINALLY got to go riding with Hope. Her foot is still bothering her, and she's had a whole slew of other obstacles to overcome (I'll post more about her summer later), but she is able to ride, now, and that was a lot of fun for both girls. Hope is only four, but they are great buddies!
On our way in to The Enchanted Forest! We have been trying to make time to go there for over three years, and we finally managed to sneak it into our schedule. We had a BLAST - it was worth every single penny.

Brady and Brailey got to go on a trail ride together, at long last! They had a big time - the weather was perfect and it was worth the wait.
And much to our surprise, this is what we came home to the other night. Eight stray goats! They came running up to our pickup as we pulled up. Unfortunately, they shredded most of my flowers, which doesn't make me like them very much. But the kids had a big time herding them up the hill, and after a little research, we found their owners. What can we say? There's always something exciting going on at The 4 B's Ranch!


  1. Glad you had fun at Enchanted Forest! Hope you enjoyed the bob-sled and the log ride!! Can't believe we are done with summer! I'm right there with you...SAD!!!

  2. that was my comment btw :) kimmy!!


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