Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Creepy Crawlies - Ewwww!

This has been the month for creepy creatures I DO NOT LIKE, that's for sure! Is that because it is October, or what? So strange and weird... But!

First off, our friend James brought down off of our hill a HUGE lizard he found. He thought Britt would get a kick out of it, and since it was a cold day, the scaly little creature was not moving too fast, James said. I didn't give Britt the opportunity to relish such a disgusting bit of nature, though. NO WAY! I screamed, of course, upon seeing the thing, and after both B's were able to get a good look at it, James took it away for me. GROSS!

Secondly, about a week after the lizard incident, we came out of an Applebee's restaurant where we had stopped for lunch. I think we were in Corvallis... Anyway, guess what was laying at the end of our pickup on the pavement? A SNAKE! And Brady, being crazy like he is, actually tried to TOUCH him, and the snake quickly coiled up and hissed at us which caused Brailey to start screaming and nearly crying in fear. I was pretty much in the same state as her, and Britt was watching the snake with a little boy's cautious curiosity. The kids and I could not BELIEVE Brady did that! It was strange to see a snake on a colder day, so late in the season, but alas, there he was. I'm not really sure if he was a bull snake, a rattlesnake or some other kind - I didn't get close enough to really see... (If you know me at all, then you know I am TERRIFIED of snakes!)

And last but not least, we have the visiting frog. We seem to have a lot of frogs around our house, and sometimes they even wake Britt up with their loud croaking. I thought they would leave once we got the grass in, but they are still around. So, this past Monday night, I had Brady bring in my two beautiful geranium plants. They were quite heavy, because they're in some bigger pots, so it was a bit of a strain on his back. One of my friends told me to bring them in before it freezes, though, in order to save them for next year, and so I did. Well. BAD DECISION. First of all, I awoke at 3 that morning, because one of our fire alarms started beeping once very minute. Dead battery. Grrrrrrrrrrr... So as I was out in the kitchen, rummaging around for a new battery, guess what I hear? A very, very, very loud croak. YIKES! There was obviously a frog in the damn geraniums! So I had to wake Brady up to move the aforementioned "quite heavy" geraniums back outside, freezing temps or not. This didn't go over too well, but Brady did accommodate my request. Whew! Frog problem solved. Except this morning, as I was rounding the corner with my coffee, which I promptly spilled, what do you think I ran in to? Yup! The frog! I quickly captured him with a bowl for Brady to take outside. Except the rotten little turd escaped! And there he was, right as I turned to put something into the garbage. And THIS time, I wasn't able to capture him. And so NOW, we have a live frog, somewhere in our house. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Is that disgusting or WHAT?!

But it does go right along with the creepy crawly theme, and it is almost Halloween, so what can we say? Creepies happen. And in the meantime, I'm looking everywhere I go for that damn frog to appear. I may be tougher than nails when it comes to emotion issues, but when it comes to creepy crawlies, I'm the biggest sissy-baby you've ever seen. Lord help me! PLEASE!

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  1. I hate snakes! i would have DIED!!! why would he touch it?? aughh!!! i almost skip naming them in Jason's books... S is for snake... yuck! Are you more terrified of those or birds?
    hugs, n


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