Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 4 B's Style

It’s been said that I am one who needs a lot of attention… In all reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I try to live my life incognito as much as possible, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that the person who said this is the one who needs a lot of attention. In any case, it is all water under the bridge, right? The reason I am bringing it up again is because I want to point out something I don’t need a lot of attention for – cooking.

I am happy to give the glory of cooking to the ones who truly enjoy doing it. Thankfully, my family doesn’t hold this against me, and we had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner without a bird. Instead? We had pork chops, which Brady barbecued to perfection, and I fixed several side dishes to go with them. It was a perfect feast for The 4 B’s! However, I can see that my kids are getting to the age where they are going to start appreciating a bigger, more traditional feast.

The reason Brady and I decided on pork this year is because we didn’t want to waste a big old turkey on the four of us. We didn’t have any family to share the vittles with this year, and so we decided to save it for a time when we do have people to enjoy it. To be honest, we were thrilled to have a low-key day at home with just our little family. We have been so busy this past summer and fall and we are on the road so often, it is truly a luxury for us to stay at home and chill. On the rare occasion when we are at home, we rarely chill. We are always busy doing something. If I’m being totally honest, we didn’t even spend all day Thanksgiving Day relaxing. But for us? It was as close as we could get. We had planned on going to a movie, today, but Brailey came down with an ear infection, a sore spine and a rash on her tummy and back that look suspiciously like strep throat a couple of days ago, and so she is on antibiotics and has been ordered by her doctor to lay low.

Ironically, we watched a show called Swampsgiving. It showcases the families from Swamp People catching their Thanksgiving meals and then preparing them. Guess what they had? One family ate a wild hog, one family had rabbit and turtle stew with potato salad, one family had two wild turkeys with a million different side dishes, and family one had a rare fish called "gar" and frog legs. So I guess our little deviation from tradition wasn’t such a novel idea after all. What can we say? A feast is a feast, no matter what it is.

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