Friday, December 2, 2011

The Little B's Funny Pages

Here is what I heard the other day from my funny little B’s as they were playing together…
Brailey: Britt, would you please stop? (I have no idea what he was doing…)
Brailey: Britt, stop it!
Brailey: What part of stop don’t you understand?
Britt: The s, the t, the o and and the p.
For some reason, this totally cracked me up! I was in the kitchen listening to them, and I had to laugh out loud when I heard this!

And then, while we were in the doctor’s office a couple of weeks ago, trying to determine why Brailey’s back was hurting and if she had fallen or somehow injured it, I asked her, “Are you sure you didn’t fall or hurt yourself in P.E. this week?” And she said, “Nooooooooooo, just my feelings were the only thing that got hurt.” I thought that was both sweet and funny.

Last but not least, one of my friends has the last name Yakovich, and we really, really like her. So one day in the car, we were talking about her family and what nice people they are. And Britt said, “I kind of hate to say their last name, though, don’t you?” I didn’t follow his train of thought, and so I said, “No, why?” And Britt said, “You know, Yak-o-blank-ich? Isn’t that a cuss word? I can’t believe they have a cuss word in their name!” I laughed and explained that is wasn’t the b-word, but rather a v-word. When I shared the story with my friend, she said it happens all the time – how come I never thought about it that way before? Anyway, it gave me a smile to hear Britt’s concern…

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