Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The End of the Frog

Remember back in October when I shared about all the creepy crawlies we kept running in to? Mainly, the frog that ended up in the house and scared the absolute bejeezus right out of me on more than one occasion? Sadly, we never did find that frog. ALIVE, that is… The story does have an ending, though.

The week before Christmas, I had the little B’s clean their rooms. You know, to prepare for all the Christmas giftage that was sure to come. Meanwhile, I made a trip out to the shop to drop off wrapping paper or some such thing. At the exact moment I came back into the house, Brailey came running out of her room, screaming down the hall.

Now when I say “screaming," I mean she was TERRIFIED screaming! Tears were pouring out of her eyes, she was shaking, and she was screaming like I've never heard her scream in her life. This gave me a mild heart attack and a slight stroke, too, and of course I thought the worst. I thought our pug Rosin had died or someone was in the house or something truly awful had happened - my mind was keeping pace with her screaming, I assure you. Britt, of course, came out of his room, as well, trailing his frantic sister to the couch, where I managed to set her on my lap and calm her down a tiny bit. It took another few minutes to be able to understand what the problem actually was - I couldn't understand what she was saying with her sobbing and carrying on like she was...

Turns out, back in the corner of her room where she keeps all her Barbies, under the princess tent that hangs from the ceiling to "hide" said Barbies, was the Mystery Frog, deader than dead. "HE'SALLBLACKANDMOLDYANDHISEYESWERELOOKINGRIGHTATMEANDHEWASSCARYANDINMYROOMTHISWHOLETIMEANDIDIDN'TEVENKNOWIT!"
See what I mean? Very difficult to understand.

In any case, Brady happened to be working just down the road, and the frog was discovered right before lunch, so Big Daddy was able to come home on his lunch break and dispose of the nasty, creepy, DEAD frog. Britt wanted to take care of it for us, but I didn't want him touching it after Brailey's description, and I didn't dare look at it myself, considering Brailey's description and yes, I'm just as freaked out about things of this nature as my darling daughter (where does she get it from? I really can't imagine!).

Once we were all calmed and collected, I told my B's the story of my great-grandmother and her frog, which she felt on the face in the middle of the night and promptly threw to the wall, which killed it and she found on the floor the next morning. GROSS! We decided it was good that Brailey didn't have THAT happen to her, at least.

So now we know the frog is no longer lingering in the house. Too bad the darned thing wouldn't have stayed in the bowl I had him under - he'd be outside chirping up a storm instead of black and moldy and dead... The end, indeed! 

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  1. GROSS!!! i love your story telling of Brailey's scream - very accurate - i could just HEAR her through my computer! we're home today with a TON of snow... nice thing is pete is home too - family time :)
    hugs, coley


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