Friday, January 20, 2012

From "That" to "This"

Brady is SO HANDY! On Monday, he had to stay home from work due to the snow (can't drive that big two-wheel drive van around in the snow and ice!), and so he whipped this sled out in about ten minutes. Can you believe it? He thought of it and made it in just a few minutes, and even though we didn't have very much snow, he was able to pull the little B's around , which delighted them to no end!
So we had "that," meaning the snow.

And yesterday, after the torrential down pouring of rain, we had "this," lots of flooding! This is the road to our house, but thankfully, where we live was fine. We always wish we had some flat ground, but right now we are thankful to live on a hill! I took these pictures from our pickup on my way to get the kids from school. It was actually higher in the morning, and my little Estelle wouldn't have made it through. In fact, a little CRX got carried away by the running water and ended up in the ditch. Thank goodness for our Silver Bullet (dodge pickup)!
See those little white dots (in the middle) at the base of the hill? That's our place. So it was big excitement around here, going from "that" to "this!"

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  1. WOW that is some serious flooding!!! yikes! i don't do well driving in standing water - you are a tough MAMA! and crafty of brady to build that sled - the weather is so nuts lately - supposed to have high winds here again tonight... the northwest is never dull?! hugs, coley


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