Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Queen B's Big Birthday

 Yes, that's me, The Queen B, with my babies on my birthday... And OH what a birthday it was!
My mom sent a box with "40" things in it, and this scarf and hat were two of those items. They looked adorable on Brailey, so she wore them to the pizza party.
And boxes are always fun  to play in, even when you are "seven years old and the size of a ten year old!" Or nine years old - after Britt was done, Brailey had her fun, too.

So yah, it was a great birthday! I've made some changes in my thinking about birthdays, or at least mine in particular, and I think the change has done me good. I generally don't like to share my birthday with anyone - this goes all the way back to high school being forgotten by my friends (poor, pitiful me!), and so naturally I have built a wall up to protect myself. The hard thing about my birthday is the time of year that it falls in - when January 10th rolls around, everyone is sick and tired to death of celebrating!

After last year's birthday, though, and the joy I saw in my children as they celebrated, I decided to turn over a new leaf, and just EMBRACE my day. Yes! MY SPECIAL DAY! Which meant letting Brady and the little B's go shopping for me and buy whatever they wanted, and letting them plan a small party. Granted, I do not plan on allowing them to hold any birthday parties for me in the future, but I'm really glad I was able to bend and let them have their fun with this one. Even if it meant that I myself had to make sure the details were seen to...

My little B's SO HAPPY! Oh my GOODNESS they were thrilled! They wrapped their gifts ever-so-carefully and made homemade cards on Sunday and then made me swear not to even LOOK at them. Britt had his wrapped in about ten seconds, but Brailey wrapped hers AND Brady's, and she made sure to put ribbons on them and to make them look extra special, just like she is - extra special.

On Monday, when I picked them up from school, Britt had a big grin on his face as he climbed into Estelle, and he said, "Mom, I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much, I stayed in from recess and made you a birthday card! THAT'S how much I love you!" Indeed, this was a big deal, because my Brittster Man LIVES for recess. And he had already made me a card at home, so this was "extra."

First thing Tuesday morning, they both woke up saying "Happy Birthday!" And then Britt gave me the card he made at school with $6.00 of his own dollars inside it - HOW SWEET IS THAT?! I told him I couldn't accept it, and he said, "No-no-no! I KNEW you would say that - please, take it! Besides, I can just get more on my birthday." I negotiated him down to keeping the dollar bill for myself and then he kept the five. Melted my heart!

All day long I received birthday wishes, and it was wonderful! Brady came home early, just as I was going out the door to clean stalls, and cleaned them for me - BIG present, there. Thank you Brady!And my mom and dad sent a big box with forty, yes FORTY, presents inside. My mom had been working on this idea for a long time, and they made sure to send it before they left for my dad's surgery, so that made it all the more special. The little B's and I had a big time going through all of the gifts. We ended the day with pizza at the local pizza joint in Coburg, who truly has delicious pizza, even though it is crazy-expensive, and two of my favorite families were there to help us celebrate - hence, the "party." Cheesecake from Coscto finished the day, which I LOVE, and of course everyone sang to me. I filmed it... (I'll try to upload the video later for your viewing pleasure.)

Anyway, the lesson I learned in all of this hoopla and celebration is that it is OKAY to be celebrated. Even though it is a bit uncomfortable for me to be in the spotlight (I'd rather shine the spotlight on other people ANY DAY!), it made my husband and my babies happy, and THAT, my friends, was the biggest gift of all!

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