Thursday, February 16, 2012

Introducing Queen B's Western Design

I have been making lamps for years, thanks to my beloved mother-in-law sharing her craft with me, and for which I am extremely grateful. And now I'm trying a new means of selling them - thus my new Etsy store, Queen B's Western Design. The only problem is, I've yet to sell one from a photo alone. Unfortunately, the quality just doesn't come through in a picture. They have to be felt and looked upon in person to really get a true sense of their beauty. And even then, people either love them or hate them.

In any case, I've recently expanded from lamps into canisters, soap dispensers, utensil holders, cookie jars and whatnot. The reason I started making more of a variety of items is to allow for more price flexibility. The lamps are expensive, but what nice piece of western art isn't? They are something that can be used every day, and they are truly unique, because there are never any two exactly alike. They would be less expensive were it not for the shades - that's where the main expense comes in.

The lamp pictured above is a lamp I made a long time ago, and as you can see, it is a great way to display a favorite photo. The shade is one of my favorite kinds of shades (pigskin), and the light peeks through the holes in it when the lamp is turned on. I like how rustic it is. Rustic equals western, in my mind. Some people prefer rawhide shades, which are less rustic but just as lovely.

The nice thing about my line of products is that I can use any picture someone might have that they love. I've made lamps from wedding pictures, baby photos, family photos, graduation, landscapes and basically anything you can think of. A couple of years ago I was so thrilled to be able to provide awards for the NPRA - a lamp for every rodeo event!

I've had many people try to copy them, but the process is super secret, and unless someone figures it out for themselves, I will never-ever tell. That was the promise I had to make to my mother-in-law when she showed me how to make them. She is the genius behind them, and she is a true artist in every sense. Her lamps are, honestly, to die for! She has the "eye," as they say, and she really knows how to make each lamp absolutely perfect. When I said I am extremely grateful to her for showing me how to make these things, I meant it - she is a living legend! And while I know I'm very good at making these things, she is even better. Her arthritis has taken a toll on her own lamp business, and I can't tell you how sad that makes me. We have three of her lamps in our house, and I think of her every time I see them. She has sold lamps to the most exclusive western stores in California and Texas and several wealthy individuals. Did I mention how thankful I am?

Please feel free to share my Facebook product posts and "Queen B's Western Design" Etsy store with anyone you think might be interested in placing an order or purchasing something already made. I'm trying a new tactic - I'm actually believing in myself and my creations! I love them and I hope you will, too. Here are some more pictures to pique your interest...

NPRA Award Lamps from 2010, minus the shades. They turned out so nicely!

One of my favorite lamps ever, this horse looks like the horse I had as a kid. His name was Turbo. I can't remember who bought this, but I hope they love it.

I gave this to a sweet cowgirl for her graduation from high school.

I don't remember where this lamp went, but I thought it would be so cute in a little cowboy's room.

Canisters, which can be sold as a set or separately.

A fun cookie jar!

Potpourri, anyone? Can be used to hold whatever...

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