Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meeting Maddox

Finally, we got to meet our Alli Jo's new baby, Maddox! Allison (we call her Alli Jo) was Brailey's ice skating coach for years, and then both B's were in her wedding a couple of years ago (you can see pictures in July 2010 posts), and THEN she and her new husband moved to the Seattle area. And The 4 B's have been missing her ever since...! We've also been dying to meet her little man, Maddox, and he is even cuter than we thought he would be! He is so sweet and happy and adorable and just PERFECT. Both of the B's were thrilled to get to hold him... He is so blessed to have the adoring parents he has. He is a CHARMER, big time, and we fell in love at first sight!

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