Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Beloved Godson, Riley

I am so proud of the wonderful young man my oldest Godson, Riley, has become - he's more special than ever! He, along with his mom and little sister, came to Eugene this past weekend for the high school rodeo and stayed with us. Look at these pictures - he sat through all of them, even though he really didn't want to, and he even smiled for the camera. He's a junior in high school, now, and it has been over six years since I last saw him. He is more charming than ever! I am so very proud of him - he can carry on a conversation with adults, he's funny, he is respectful and helpful to his mother (who happens to be Britt's Godmother), he's handsome and kind and he is just an all-around good kid. It was wonderful to spend a little bit of time with him. His little sister, Baylee, had a big time hanging out with my little B's. And Britt was thrilled to see his Godmother - really, it was like meeting her for the first time, for him, because he was only 18 months old the last time he saw her. It was really wonderful to see them, and a good reminder of why they are so special to us.
My Godson Riley and I.

Riley Joyce, Godson Extraordinaire

Baylee, Britt and Brailey

Riley, Baylee, Britt and Brailey

The two Godsons. It sounds like they have quite a bit in common! Two good boys.

Britt and his Godmother, Lauri.

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