Friday, February 24, 2012

Our Lenten Journey 2012

Although our Lent Season didn't start out the way we had planned, we still anticipate it will still be an enriching experience. We had every intention of attending Ash Wednesday mass, but we didn't make it this year. Brady had to work late (emergency call) and both of us had ear aches. It was very strange - Brady gets ear aches occasionally, but I almost never do, and for both of us to have one on the same day... Must have been a virus?

Whatever the case, both little B's have decided they are going to DO SOMETHING this year, rather than GIVE SOMETHING UP. I usually choose to do something, also, but this year I'm continuing to give up my beloved peanuts. Brady gave up his daily fizz (at least two Dr. Peppers every day!), which is going to be a tough one, also, especially considering he has been trying to quit the chew, as well. He's been working on quitting his thirty-plus-years chewing habit since January 3rd. Talk about a battle! Prayers for his compulsion to chew to go away are needed. I'm proud of him for choosing to give up fizz, too. He will be one healthy man once he kicks those two enemies to the curb!

Last year for lent I wrote a letter every single day to different people in my life. A letter a day, so over 40 letters. It was quite the project, and I'm glad I did it. I have also sent a weekly lent package to each of my Godchildren, in the past. I always enjoyed that, as well. I think I am due to suffer a little, though, and I feel good about giving up the peanuts this year. The want for them never quite leaves me, and it is healthy to deny myself. The only problem is, I find myself trying to replace them, and the culprit I turn to the most seems to be chocolate, which isn't good for me, either.

So tell me, my fellow Catholic friends, what you are you doing for lent this year? Anything? Nothing? Tell me - I want to know! I need ideas for next year...

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