Friday, March 9, 2012

Welcoming the Time Change

Yes! This is the "time" I live for! I am always sad when the time changes in the fall, and always happy when it changes back to normal in the spring. Longer days give me such a good feeling! I'm grateful the powers that be have been pushing the time change in the fall back a couple of weeks and moving the one in spring forward. Really, I wish they would just leave it be. Keep it on the one that has longer days, please! (Maybe I should move to Arizona, where they do just that. Arizona is looking better all the time - hot weather and a normal time zone...)

Before I had kids, I used to have a hard time with the time change. I dreaded the one in the spring and felt like I was missing a lot of sleep. One year I swore I had never adjusted to it! But now, I don't require as much sleep as I used to, and I like to get up early. I've noticed my Brailey has an internal clock, and no matter what time system we are on, she wakes up at the same time every day - 6:30 in the fall/winter, 7:30 in the spring/summer. Britt? He sleeps late no matter what the time zone is. Unless he is excited about his birthday or Christmas, in which case he wakes up a the crack of dawn.

Frankly, everyone I talk to feels the same way I do - we all like the longer days! So why do we change times? What is the point? I've heard it is supposed to conserve energy and gas, but I don't understand how this could be true. So if you know the answer, please feel free to post a comment.  In the meantime, I will happily welcome the change on Sunday. Spring is on its way!

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