Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break in Harney County 2012

We were pretty quiet the first part of spring break, laying low at home and getting a few little projects done here and there, but we ended the week with a bang! We had BIG FUN in Harney County, the land from which I come, in Southeast Oregon. We started our journey on Friday morning, amidst the torrential downpour of rain, and didn't get out of the rain until we hit Brothers, a tiny blip on the road between Bend and Burns. And as we got closer to Burns, we hit wind, but we made it and despite the weather, we managed to have a rip-roaring good time! It is always wonderful to see my parents, but I love the way my mom takes care of everything and pampers me whenever we are at their house.  
After a delicious breakfast cooked by my mom, who is the best cook in the world, we spent Saturday morning in Crane at Britt's Godmother's place, where we experienced wind like we've never felt before. The morning started out peaceful, and Britt and Papa enjoyed the sun as they sat together on the patio, but by 10, the wind had kicked up, and it truly felt like we were in a tornado! We still managed to have a good time, though, and it is always wonderful to spend time with the people you love. After coming back home to my parents' house and recuperating from the wind a bit, we readied ourselves for an evening of theatre. The picture above was taken seconds before we headed out the door. We picked up my nieces, who live in Lawen, on our way to Diamond, where we watched a community play. A long-standing tradition in their beautiful ranching community, the people of Diamond produce a play every two years. They had an amazing turnout of people, and believe it or not, it was the first time I had ever been to one, aside from when I was a baby. The tradition has been around for so long, my own parents have been in previous plays! It was also fun for me to see some folks I haven't seen for years and to introduce my B's to them. I would have stayed longer, if I could have, to see even more old friends, but it was late, and my crew was hungry, and so we headed back to my parents' place. The play itself was hilarious and fun and a great thing for my little B's to experience. I'm sure we'll be seeing scenes from it reenacted in our own house in the future, as they both love to dress up and put on shows for Brady and I. It was also wonderful to spend a little time with my precious nieces, Lanie and Lexi, and to hear them tell me stories about things in their lives. I miss them so much!
Palm Sunday, I woke up early and took this picture from my parents' back porch, through the window screen. Can you see the snow flakes? There was a light dusting of snow falling and sunshine together - it was beautiful. We went to mass, where my beloved Godson Riley met us (his mom ended up being sick, and so she and her daughter Baylee stayed home). I made the two Godsons pose... Even though there is a big age-gap between them, it is amazing how much they have in common - they both love bacon and history, they have beautiful blue eyes, they are handsome, they're built nice and sturdy, they have the most sensitive hearts in the world, and on top of all that, they are MAMA'S BOYS! I love them both, and I am so proud of Riley for coming to mass with us. He also went to breakfast with us afterwards and then helped load hay and fix trailer lights. He makes my heart swell with pride!

After breakfast on Sunday, we visited my Grandma Bert, whom we haven't seen since we went to Harney County for her Pioneer Days Celebration two years ago (she was the Queen Mother!). She was thrilled to see us, and we were thrilled to see her, as well. Amidst all the hugs and love, we managed to take a couple of pictures and to visit for a bit before we had to leave so she could eat her lunch.

And the fun continued into Sunday evening! My beloved Aunt Sharon (my dad's sister) and Uncle Jim treated us to dinner at The Hilander, where we all had a wonderful time! Truly, it was so much fun, and we all laughed and told stories and hugged and high-fived our way through delicious Chinese cuisine. We also saw some friends I hadn't seen in years and years, including my teacher from the sixth grade. The most exiting part of our time together was watching a lady in a wheelchair and her black cat, though - shortly after we arrived at the restaurant, they stopped traffic on the street as they crossed it. Later, we noticed the black cat was back on the other side of the street, and a few minutes later, here came his lady in the wheelchair, and together they ambled up the street. We were all amazed at how the cat was such a fine escort for his owner.
Here you see my little B's and I with my mom and Aunt Sharon. Can you see the happiness? We are looking forward to our next trip to Harney County in June. In the meantime, we have some really special memories to tide us over. It was a great end to a great spring break!


  1. you look gorgeous in every picture twin! glad you had fun back there!!

  2. Awww, thanks Little Mama! That's because you are my BESTIE, so you always think the "best" of me! ;-)


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