Thursday, May 31, 2012

Britt's Poetry Cafe

Last night Britt's class held their Poetry Cafe, and it was, of course, SPECTACULAR! The turnout was huge, and every kid did a wonderful job of reciting their poems, "en espanol," into a microphone in front of everyone. They all wore black and white clothes, and Britt posed for his Big Mama before we left. Isn't he a handsome one? I love that precious face of his... You can see his sweet heart right through those big blue eyes.

 Britt  and his best friend, Daniel - two peas in a pod!
Sra. Downes is the best teacher I have ever seen. She is the whole package, and I felt like crying when the evening was coming to a close. When she was Brailey's teacher, I still had hope that she would be Britt's second grade teacher, as well. Thank goodness she was! Now, we have to move on to the higher grades, and we will miss her so much. She is the perfect teacher, truly - kind, fun, organized, sweet and strict. I am grateful beyond words that both of my B's were able to experience her teaching.
Britt and Brady as we were leaving - Brady had to meet us at the school and change in the pickup due to his working late. And he still looks handsome as ever! I so love these B boys of mine...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Alvin's World

Sadly, Alvin's foot has still not healed all the way. It is almost there! But not quite strong enough to be used. And so he's been set out into the pasture for more time off. Another summer! And frankly, he couldn't be happier. I wanted to cry when our favorite vet, Chris Camp, gave us the news, but Alvin is enjoying every second of his pasture time. Doesn't he have the sweetest face ever?! Somehow, over the course of his recovery, he's become "my" horse. And now Brady has his perfectly sound horse, Maggie. How did this happen? Seriously, I wouldn't trade Alvin for a million-zillion sound horses. Maybe a million-zillion dollars, but don't tell my Alvie... That's just between you and I. As far as Alvin knows, he's a keeper for life. I do so love this horse!

Friday, May 25, 2012

More Fuel for the Great Titanic Obsession

Britt is a lucky boy! Brailey's beloved best friend, Carrie, got him this gynormous model of the Titanic at a garage sale her church held. She knew he would love it! Not only that, but she wrapped it up - Carrie's a special and sweet girl, and we couldn't be happier she and Brailey are besties. So Britt found the wrapped box in the car, right where he sits, when he got out of school. He pestered Brailey the entire ride home about what it might be... To say he was happy when he opened it would the greatest understatement ever made. He loves it! It has never been put together, and all the pieces and directions are still in plastic wrapping. It is an amazing find! Now he has a project to work on this summer. A lucky, lucky boy, indeed!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Brailey's Discovery Girl Presentation

Brailey's teachers were so supportive of her experience as an Oregon Discovery Girl, and they asked her if she would like to give a little presentation on it, which she was thrilled to do. We made up a PowerPoint slide show for her, and she got to present it three different times, one for each class (4th, 4/5 split and 5th), which gave her some good experience for the future. She was nervous, but she did well, and I'm grateful for the opportunity it provided her to practice her public speaking (don't want her to turn out like her mother, terrified of speaking in front of people!). Next, she does a presentation on Princess Diana, where she gets to dress up like the princess. Wait until you see her costume... I must say, it is quite fabulous! Stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Britt's First Communion Retreat

He's almost ready! On Sunday, we spent the afternoon with Britt's classmates and their families at a retreat to prepare for their First Holy Communion. It was a great experience, and after Monday's class, Britt and Brady are down to only one more Monday evening class to attend. And then it will be time to celebrate Britt's First Communion, which he has been so excited for, ever since Brailey's First Communion two years ago. Celebration time! We're pretty sure the "big day" is going to be the 23rd of June. He's had his guest list for this party made since January!

This, my friends, is what a true-blue (eyed, that is) Mama's Boy looks like! Oh yah! He's  so precious! He even let me help him with his banner (hence the felt in my hands). And when I say "help," I mean he surrendered and let me do most of it. Which is what the other moms were doing, too. (I learned that little lesson from Brailey's retreat...)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jog-a-Thon 2012 - The Year of 12 Laps

Yes, both of my B's made TWELVE LAPS around the Sheldon track for the Jog-a-Thon this year. That was Britt's goal, since he went eleven last year, and Brailey's long legs just carried her farther this year, I think - last year she did ten. The weather was absolutely perfect, not too hot, not too cold and no rain! And although they didn't have the festive balloons at the start line like they have in the past, every kid received their own water bottle with their name on it, and that was a big hit! And I'm so proud of my B's for going 3 miles - WOWZA! They were both really tired when they got home from school, and Britt said, in his Britt-speak, "I'm not made for Jog-a-Thons!" And yet he still managed twelve laps...
 Brailey, Carrie and Camille on their way to the track - ready to jog!

Britt and Daniel are still in Fiesta-mode, perfecting their 50's moves... SO CUTE!

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Queen B

The Queen B of The 4 B's - that's me! Not "Bee," but "B," which stands for... Bobbi Jo, Bo or Byatch, depending on my frequency, right? My sweet twin, Kimmy, gave me the awesome "QUEEN" sign for Mother's Day, and it looks perfect on my office wall that has been bare for the past year or so, waiting for the right piece of art to adorn it. I love my new sign! The "Queen B" is on my office door. I don't really think I am a queen, by any stretch of the imagination. As my boss laughingly pointed out, even though Brady and I call Brailey and Britt our worker B's, the real worker B's are Big Mama and Big Daddy. Still, it is fun to have a name for our family, which Dr. Phil says is very important in establishing a "phenomenal family," in his book I read a few years ago. And my Grandma Bert is actually the one who named us The 4 B's. And no, we didn't plan it the way you might think. We were originally going to name Brailey "Macy," after my maiden name, but then my friend Sammy Jo said, "I kind of like Brailey," and both Brady and I loved the name and the rest is history, as they say. And then when Britt came along, we couldn't be The 3 B's and a different letter of the alphabet... And thus, The 4 B's were born! And eventually, I became The Queen B.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Special Visitors - Nicoley, Jason and Baby Andrew

When I say special, I mean S-P-E-C-I-A-L... My dear friend Nicoley, the very first friend I made in Eugene and my pretend little sister stopped by on her way to Coos Bay, her hometown, and spent some precious time with us. It was so good to see her and to meet her newest edition, Baby Andrew, and also to experience all the cute expressions and personality of her oldest, Jason, who is two years old. Britt was a perfect babysitter and played with him the entire time, making sure he was entertained and safe and happy. It was adorable! And Baby Andrew is so handsome and strong! Our Nicoley is more beautiful than ever, and it felt like old times to visit and reminisce and catch up on life. She is the best mother ever, and her boys are angels!

Brailey took this picture of Baby Andrew and I... She got a kick out of watching him sleep for a brief spell on the couch. She wanted to hold him so badly, and she got to, for a second, before they left, but his colic was setting in, and he wasn't as easy to hold as she had anticipated. Still, she got a good snuggle in, and she was happy! (See last picture below.)
Britt pulled Jason all the way up the hill in this dump truck, which Jason promptly "put away" back down at the tree house. On our way to school this morning, Brailey was yawning, and I asked her if she was worn out from her field trip to Biz Town yesterday, which she said yes, she was. Britt then piped up that he was "exhausted," as well. So I said, "Why are you tired - you didn't have to get up early like Brailey did." And he said, "All that babysitting, remember? That wore me out!" And he loved every second of it - it was great for Britt to feel like he was in charge, and he did a fantastic job!

The two of us with our babies! Even Rosin snuck in there... When we worked together at the Law School, Nicoley said she wanted FOUR BOYS, but today she's perfectly happy with two. And I never knew I would have children, but I used to want two girls and two boys - I couldn't be happier with the girl and boy I was blessed with. We are lucky mamas, for sure! I just wish we lived closer. Seattle is too far away! But it makes our visits more precious than ever.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

4th Grade Hershey's Track Meet

It was our first track meet, and we didn't know what to expect, but guess what? It was a blast! The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was festive and happy for all the fourth graders at North Eugene High School's track. Brailey even won her first race, the 50 yard dash! We thought about participating in track, this spring, but neither one of my B's really knew what that meant. But after experiencing this fun event, Brailey is ready to go out for the sport next year! Every kid got a ribbon every time they participated in an event, and it was a fantastic experience for all of them. And like my friend Kristin said, it was great to see all those kids exercising. A "win-win" situation all the way around!
 Brailey and her best buddies, Camille and Carrie.

 Ribbons galore!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fiesta Cultural 2012

Unbelievable that it has been here and is gone, already. Another year, whizzing by...! Every year we attend Fiesta, we say it is the "best one yet." Truly, I think this was the very best one, though. It was just wonderful! Every class had a special performance, and now that we've been at Buena Vista for a while, we had kids to watch that we knew in every single class. Brailey's class got the "party started" (the name of the song they danced to) with the opening act, and she was such a joy to watch! What can we say? The girl can dance! And Britt's class performed to "La Bamba," which Brailey performed to, as well, when she was in second grade. Even more special, he got to be the "caller," which means he introduced the dance to everyone, which Brailey did as a second grader, too. So it was truly a special night for our entire family, and Brady and I enjoyed ourselves immensely! Here are some fun pictures from the evening - enjoy the happiness you will see reflected!

Britt and his dance partner, Brooklyn. They were A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E together!
The Queen B and her busy little B's. Britt was super nervous, which is why he chose to make this "L" sign, which we all know the meaning of. But we are choosing to believe he was holding it up for "LOVE," and he has promised to never do that in a picture again. I've never seen him so nervous before, so I let it slide, because other than that, it is a good picture, right?
And our beloved Senora Downes, who was Brailey's second grade teacher and is Britt's current teacher. She is the most amazing teacher I've ever seen, and it has been a blessing for both of the B's to experience her class. Frankly, I could write an entire blog post on how amazing she is. Britt would do anything for her, and Brailey was just as attached when she was in her classroom. And her name is... Wait for it... BEA! Could she "be" any more perfect? We certainly don't think so. We love her. Dearly!

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