Wednesday, May 16, 2012

4th Grade Hershey's Track Meet

It was our first track meet, and we didn't know what to expect, but guess what? It was a blast! The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was festive and happy for all the fourth graders at North Eugene High School's track. Brailey even won her first race, the 50 yard dash! We thought about participating in track, this spring, but neither one of my B's really knew what that meant. But after experiencing this fun event, Brailey is ready to go out for the sport next year! Every kid got a ribbon every time they participated in an event, and it was a fantastic experience for all of them. And like my friend Kristin said, it was great to see all those kids exercising. A "win-win" situation all the way around!
 Brailey and her best buddies, Camille and Carrie.

 Ribbons galore!

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  1. cool! i ran in a hershey meet and made it to state in the 800m! thats awesome!


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