Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Alvin's World

Sadly, Alvin's foot has still not healed all the way. It is almost there! But not quite strong enough to be used. And so he's been set out into the pasture for more time off. Another summer! And frankly, he couldn't be happier. I wanted to cry when our favorite vet, Chris Camp, gave us the news, but Alvin is enjoying every second of his pasture time. Doesn't he have the sweetest face ever?! Somehow, over the course of his recovery, he's become "my" horse. And now Brady has his perfectly sound horse, Maggie. How did this happen? Seriously, I wouldn't trade Alvin for a million-zillion sound horses. Maybe a million-zillion dollars, but don't tell my Alvie... That's just between you and I. As far as Alvin knows, he's a keeper for life. I do so love this horse!

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