Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Britt's First Communion Retreat

He's almost ready! On Sunday, we spent the afternoon with Britt's classmates and their families at a retreat to prepare for their First Holy Communion. It was a great experience, and after Monday's class, Britt and Brady are down to only one more Monday evening class to attend. And then it will be time to celebrate Britt's First Communion, which he has been so excited for, ever since Brailey's First Communion two years ago. Celebration time! We're pretty sure the "big day" is going to be the 23rd of June. He's had his guest list for this party made since January!

This, my friends, is what a true-blue (eyed, that is) Mama's Boy looks like! Oh yah! He's  so precious! He even let me help him with his banner (hence the felt in my hands). And when I say "help," I mean he surrendered and let me do most of it. Which is what the other moms were doing, too. (I learned that little lesson from Brailey's retreat...)

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