Friday, May 18, 2012

The Queen B

The Queen B of The 4 B's - that's me! Not "Bee," but "B," which stands for... Bobbi Jo, Bo or Byatch, depending on my frequency, right? My sweet twin, Kimmy, gave me the awesome "QUEEN" sign for Mother's Day, and it looks perfect on my office wall that has been bare for the past year or so, waiting for the right piece of art to adorn it. I love my new sign! The "Queen B" is on my office door. I don't really think I am a queen, by any stretch of the imagination. As my boss laughingly pointed out, even though Brady and I call Brailey and Britt our worker B's, the real worker B's are Big Mama and Big Daddy. Still, it is fun to have a name for our family, which Dr. Phil says is very important in establishing a "phenomenal family," in his book I read a few years ago. And my Grandma Bert is actually the one who named us The 4 B's. And no, we didn't plan it the way you might think. We were originally going to name Brailey "Macy," after my maiden name, but then my friend Sammy Jo said, "I kind of like Brailey," and both Brady and I loved the name and the rest is history, as they say. And then when Britt came along, we couldn't be The 3 B's and a different letter of the alphabet... And thus, The 4 B's were born! And eventually, I became The Queen B.

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