Thursday, May 17, 2012

Special Visitors - Nicoley, Jason and Baby Andrew

When I say special, I mean S-P-E-C-I-A-L... My dear friend Nicoley, the very first friend I made in Eugene and my pretend little sister stopped by on her way to Coos Bay, her hometown, and spent some precious time with us. It was so good to see her and to meet her newest edition, Baby Andrew, and also to experience all the cute expressions and personality of her oldest, Jason, who is two years old. Britt was a perfect babysitter and played with him the entire time, making sure he was entertained and safe and happy. It was adorable! And Baby Andrew is so handsome and strong! Our Nicoley is more beautiful than ever, and it felt like old times to visit and reminisce and catch up on life. She is the best mother ever, and her boys are angels!

Brailey took this picture of Baby Andrew and I... She got a kick out of watching him sleep for a brief spell on the couch. She wanted to hold him so badly, and she got to, for a second, before they left, but his colic was setting in, and he wasn't as easy to hold as she had anticipated. Still, she got a good snuggle in, and she was happy! (See last picture below.)
Britt pulled Jason all the way up the hill in this dump truck, which Jason promptly "put away" back down at the tree house. On our way to school this morning, Brailey was yawning, and I asked her if she was worn out from her field trip to Biz Town yesterday, which she said yes, she was. Britt then piped up that he was "exhausted," as well. So I said, "Why are you tired - you didn't have to get up early like Brailey did." And he said, "All that babysitting, remember? That wore me out!" And he loved every second of it - it was great for Britt to feel like he was in charge, and he did a fantastic job!

The two of us with our babies! Even Rosin snuck in there... When we worked together at the Law School, Nicoley said she wanted FOUR BOYS, but today she's perfectly happy with two. And I never knew I would have children, but I used to want two girls and two boys - I couldn't be happier with the girl and boy I was blessed with. We are lucky mamas, for sure! I just wish we lived closer. Seattle is too far away! But it makes our visits more precious than ever.

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  1. and why wasn't I called to hold the baby twin!!! cute!!!


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