Monday, July 2, 2012

Meet Little Gaga

Look what happened on Friday when we went to Coleman Corrals in Molalla - we came home with yet another kitten (thank you so much, Bridgett!). This little beauty came peeking out of the hay at us, and within minutes she was in our van and ready to become a Murray. Truly, we needed another kitten like we need a hole in our heads, because we just got two adorable kittens earlier this spring. But Little Gaga, as we named her, was too precious to resist. She rode home on Brailey's lap and slept for most of the trip. She's so fancy, we thought Little Lady Gaga was the perfect name, although we did have a family vote, and it was not a unanimous decision. Britt is the only one of the B's who doesn't like the real Lady Gaga, so let it stand in the record books that he did not vote for that name! He has had quite a time figuring out how the "majority rules" when it is a "family" cat and he didn't agree to the name. However, I've heard him calling her Gaga several times, so I think he's starting to accept it. As you can see from the pictures, she's made herself right at home. Although she is very relaxed, sweet and docile, she's also a feisty little thing, and growls and hisses at the two "big" kittens and our pug, Rosin. It is hysterical to see such a little puff of fur growling so ferociously!

And speaking of our "big kittens," Blossom and Rose have been a bundle of entertainment for us! They are always making us smile, jumping on each other, rolling around and playing constantly. They are super friendly and follow the kids all over the place. We did have a bit of a disappointment with Blossom, the grey one, who is Brailey's kitty - "she" is actually a "he." This devastated Brailey for a couple of days, because she really wanted a girl and she loved the name Blossom, which we considered keeping, even though he's a boy. In the end, though, she wiped her tears away and decided she loved him no matter what, and even consented to changing his name from Blossom to... Can you guess? It goes with "Rose," who was named after Rose in The Titanic... Yes! Jack! So instead of Blossom and Rose, we have Jack and Rose, and their love truly goes on and on. Britt was thrilled about this! They look like monsters compared to Little Gaga - they grow fast! What can we say? We're Cat Happy around here - I mean! Dear Lord... Brady and I are becoming push overs!

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