Thursday, August 23, 2012

August Odds and Ends

 Last summer, I couldn't talk them into running through the spinkler for anything. This summer, that's all they want to do! LOVE IT!
 Brailey enjoying a popsicle with some of her biggest fans. They adore her!
Chuck Adams, Off Duty Copy, handling one of my complaints.
 The Hunters. Need I say more?
 This time, they decided to wear their swim caps to run through the sprinkler. Why not?
 I thought this was cool, the sun making the shadow of our initials on Maggie's rump. Brady and I have the same initials - we did even before we were married. Cool, huh? Brady John, in case you were wondering. And Bobbi Josepha Mace, then Murray. Bobbi Jo for short. Bo, preferred.
 The wonderful load of hay we got from my dad - thank goodness for his expert loading! We made it all the way to home-sweet-home compeletely in tact. Thanks to Max and Renee Hansen for loaning us their awesome hay trailer!

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