Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guest Bloggers - Brailey and Britt Murray

The Man from New York Who Isn't My Boss (Doug Blancero for those of you who don't know) gave us a great idea when he was here in Oregon back in July. He told the B's they should become Guest Bloggers and write some stories for me to post on my blog. They loved this idea (and so did I)! After the whole "Chuck Adams, Off Duty Cop and Sidekick Marvelous Marilyn" thing, they each decided to write from their own perspective on the creation of their characters. Thus, below you will find the "history" of Chuck Adams and Marvelous Marilyn. Enjoy!

Chuck Adams, Off Duty Cop
By Britt Murray

It was a dark day at a middle school. Some kid was complaining - the lunch ladies were serving rat sandwiches. But that kid, oh man he was so annoying that not even Chuck Adams (Chuck for short) could stop him from talking.

Then I guess Chuck couldn't take it and asked him, "Why?" He said, "Nobody ever plays with me. So I'm trying to get attention." Chuck said, "If you wanna have friends, don't cry." So the kid stpped crying.

So Chuck became known as Chuck Adams, Off Duty Cop, and went to people's houses  and took care of their complaints. Then he made a deal with a girl named Marilyn that he would be her body guard if she would be his sidekick.

She made the deal and together they became Chuck Adams, Off Duty Cop and Marvelous Marilyn, Off Duty Sidekick and Secretary.

Marvelous Marilyn, Off Duty Sidekick/Secretary
By Brailey Shaye Murray

It was June, the sun was beating down and everyone but me, Marilyn May Jo, had sweat boiling down their faces. All except my family. We were in our mansion ranch house with A/C on. I was swimming in the pool shaped like a rectangle. All that was separating it from the house was a hot tub. It was in a covered area and the ceiling, walls etc. were hurricane proof glass.

I was in the middle of calling my best friend when Daddy said he wanted me to come see the top three people who might be my personal body guard. I knew Mommy and Daddy were going to get me a personal body guard, because there were some creepy things going on in Dallas, Texas. Frankly, I could care less about the whole body guard thing. But I went anyway.

When I saw them, they were all normal except one named Chuck Adams. He was wearing a white shirt under a black coat with a clip-on tie, church shoes with jeans and Aviator shades. On his addition paper, he wrote "Chuck Adams, Off Duty Cop." That's why my daddy hired him.

Then he made me be his sidekick/secretary and all I did was sing a song in the tune of the Honey Crunch Cereal commercial after he solved complaints.

And that is how I became Marvelous Marilyn, Off Duty Sidekick/Secretary.

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  1. What great posts--both of them. I look forward to reading more about the adventures of Chuck Adams, Off Duty Copy and Marvelous Marilyn, Off Duty Sidekick/Secretary.


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