Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Harney County Summer Visit: Part Two

The second part of our summer visit to Harney County involved, much to our surprise, an impromtu overnight camping trip to "the best camping spot in the world!" This is the same spot the little B's first went camping with Grandma and Papa a year ago. They were absolutely thrilled to revisit this special place and to show Brady and I all the fun things there were to see and do and be and explore and OH-MY-GOSH, I don't remember seeing them happier, not even at Christmas! I can't even describe the joy in the air - it was contagious and spectacular! Brady and I aren't much into camping, we admit it, but we had a wonderful time, and my parents made it as enjoyable as possible, pampering us by taking care of everything from food to bedding. All Brady and I had to do was relax and enjoy, which was easy to do, because everyone was so happy and excited. I know there are a lot of pictures here, and they are only a handful of what I actually took, but it was such a special time, I had a hard time paring the selection down to even this many.
Having fun in the creek!
 The two cooks - one with real food and one with wild flowers. Both happy!
A fair amount of time was spent shooting a target with the BB gun. Brailey was the best shot, much to Brady and Papa's chagrin. They had a great time trying to beat her, but it just wasn't possible.
 Papa with his World Famous Elk Call. Need I say more?
 Britt jumped in the creek first thing in the morning! The cold water didn't bother him a lick - he quickly ate his breakfast and got back to work getting his "log" into the water. He ended up needing assistance from Dad and Papa, but they got 'er done, and I ended up bringing the log home for my yard, because it is beautiful! Below Britt is discussing his plan to get the log out with Papa.
 Brailey and her "Dreamboat." I told her about the ones I used to make as a little girl, back when I LOVED camping, and so she made one of her own. The tradition lives on! I actually learned how to make Dreamboats during my time at 4-H Camp, which was called "Lake Creek Camp," and as I shared with my B's, the worst experience of my life! I was so homesick the entire week, I cried every single day and could not wait to go home. Dreamboats were really the only thing I liked about the camp. The rest was far too traumatic for me. I'll never forget how horrible it was! But I did learn how to make Dreamboats, and I made a lot of them on subsequent camping trips with my family, which I loved.
 Building a dam. They actually raised the water level quite a bit! Perfect for floating their log in.
 Brailey found this big stick on a walk we took the first (and only) evening we were there. She called it her "bow." Can you see her shooting an arrow?
 Britt enjoying a popsicle after all his hard work getting that log into the water and working on the dam.
More target shooting with the BB gun.
Brady telling Papa it's time to go home. He made it until mid-morning before he was ready to go - we were all impressed! We drove all the way from the campsite (which was nearly to John Day!) to Eugene in one day. Lots of traveling for the 4 B's on Saturday, but worth every second of it.
Good thing I always carry my tripod with me. Or did you think a bear took this picture for us? Alas, the end of the story of the best camping trip in the world!

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