Friday, August 3, 2012

Number One Summer Goal Met

We had one main goal, this summer, and that was for Brailey Shaye to learn how to swim. She wasn't able to swim much last summer due to her ripped ligaments/broken foot, and so this summer was the summer for it to happen for her. And it did! It may sound like a silly accomplishment to some, but swimming is like anything else, and it comes easier to some than others. For Britt? Swimming has always been as natural as breathing - he is our Michael Phelps, our Ryan Lochte. For Brailey, it has been a struggle, because she, like her mother, doesn't like to get her face in the water. If it were possible to put Brailey at this age and me at her age side-by-side in a pool, we would look like twins - she swims exactly the way I used to. To this day, I am unable to swim. However, Brailey can! She broke through her fear and anxiety and she can swim! She does the freestyle and the backstroke beautifully! We are now done with our swim lessons - we had them for six weeks, and it was worth every trip to the pool. Britt is working on his breast stroke, which he said is really hard, because of the different kick and the breathing, and for his part, he learned how to dive head first off the side of the pool, both kneeling and standing. Last summer, his legs would bend every single time, and he would land on  his stomach in the water. I'm so proud of both of them! You can imagine how important it is for a mother who can't swim to have children who can. After all, it may save their lives, someday. And the fun they will have from knowing how to swim is priceless. So yes, our number one summer goal was met, and now a lifetime of enjoyment is to follow.
Thank goodness the pool was heated - the weather wasn't exactly "swimmer friendly" this summer.
Brailey was thrilled to be in the same class as Brooklyn for a couple of weeks, the absolute NICEST GIRL in Britt's class. She is so sweet (and Britt is sweet on her!), and she and Brailey get along beautifully. They are two peas in a pod - nice, sweet-as-honey girls. And I really enjoy her mother, too, so it was great for me to have someone to visit with for a couple of weeks.
Getting wet before lessons... Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
The cutest little swimmers in the WORLD!
 Britt loved this teacher - he was a lot of fun!
Sibling love in a pool. Makes a mama's heart swell...

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  1. Good job my sweet Brailey!! Come show the Lamberts your moves!!!


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