Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tall Bike Bobby Meets The 4 B's & Hartleys

Well, you just never know what you might see or who you might run into when you're with Brady... Brady and Robert Hartley met up at the new Barber Shop in Coburg for haircuts - a new tradition, of sorts. Anyway, afterwards, as we were standing outside the shop visiting, along comes a man on a super tall bike riding down the street. Of course Brady asked him to stop, and thus we all met Tall Bike Bobby. We held his bike for him while he got fresh water from the Barber Shop owner, and then we snuck in a couple of pictures. Turns out he is riding his big, tall bike to San Francisco. We bought a few stickers from him, and he is calling his quest "Summer Tour 2012." You can find him at if you would like to read more about his journey.

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  1. Leave it to Brady to meet someone!!! Lol


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