Tuesday, September 4, 2012

California Dreamin'

The 4 B's finished the summer with a bang, oh did we EVER! Remember I told you we had one last trick up our sleeve? We went on a mini-vacation to Sacramento, where we spent two glorious days with our beloved Grandma Diggy (Brady's mother, aka Diana), and we all had the absolute time of our lives! The pictures tell most of the story... We spent the first day at the Raging Waters water park, which exceeded our expectations on the fun front. Even Grandma Diggy couldn't resist The Lazy River! The weather couldn't have been more perfect - it was cooler than usual, and so there weren't as many people at the park, which meant NO LINES! It was truly wonderful! And the next day, we hit Grandma Diggy's two favorite Goodwills (where she knows everyone by name who works there) in the morning, and then we got to meet Aunt Suezy for the first time! Grandpa Dick treated everyone to lunch at a super fun restaurant, The Golden Corral, which had a chocolate fountain for dipping treats in, and we spent almost two hours talking and eating delicious food. Later, we met Diana's dear friends Rich and Sheena from Reno, who brought a trunk they had been storing for Diana that Brady had made in the ninth grade. After a short rest, we then headed down the freeway to Lodi where we visited Grandpa Dick and Aunt Suezy. They loaded us up with all kinds of fun treasures - a real sword for Britt and a gorgeous beaded hat band for Brailey! It was truly a special visit, and we are all very happy to finally know who Aunt Suezy is. The entire trip was super cool - the drive down was gorgeous and although we did hit some bad smoke on the way home, the journey back was just as nice. And while we are glad to be home with one final day to rest up before school starts, we had the best trip we could have ever imagined, full of love and happiness. The pictures can fill in the details for you  - enjoy!
 Grandma Diggy checking out the pictures the little B's made for her shortly after our arrival.
 Thanks to Diana's friend Mary, we were all able to have a place to sleep! We first met Mary when she came to Oregon with Diana a few years ago, and it feels like we've known her forever. We love Mary! First thing Saturday morning, she showed up at Diana's door with this scooter, which she then let the B's drive around the back yard. They loved it! She and her granddaughter also babysat our pug for us while we went to the water park. Mary is a special lady, and a lot of fun, too!
 Raging Waters!
 Grandma Diggy is a gamer, that's for sure! After watching us float by her several time on the Lazy River, which wrapped around our Cabana, she asked Brady to find her some scissors so we could shorten her pants to capris, and she hopped right in with us! We had more fun than I could ever describe floating around the loop of the Lazy River. It has an actual current and takes you on quite a long route, with water pouring overhead underneath bridges, where Britt made sure we got soaked! Brady saved me from plunging underwater, at one point, when I fell off my tube. We all held on to each other's tubes so we could float together, and it was a blast!
We looked like drowned rats after Britt ran us under the water!
And here we have the famous Aunt Suezy! (You can see her best friend Joanne and Grandpa Dick in the background.)
 Giving Grandpa Dick a hug while posing for a picture. I love how Britt's hand is inside his...
Joanne took this picture for us after we finished eating and gabbing. We are all stuffed to the gills in this shot!
 Grandpa Dick giving Brailey the beaded hat band, which she adores!
 Visiting with Grandpa Dick in the shop office.
 Boomer and I! This is Suezy's race horse, and he is a doll! More on him later...
The great Taco Chef! Grandma Diggy makes the best tacos in the world, and we loved every morsel of them. Doesn't she look cute cooking her taco shells? We had the best time you can ever imagine, and it was the perfect way to end our amazing summer.


  1. Thank You to the 4 B's for the visit. It absolutely filled a huge gap in my life finally
    being able to meet my sister in law Bobbi Jo, my niece Brailey and my nephew Britt. Of course the cherry on the sundae was my brother Brady. It was the greatest visit! Thank you to Bobbi Jo for taking such good care of my family. Grandpa (Dad) has been on cloud 9 ever since. Love to all of you. aunt Suezy

  2. What beautiful pictures Bobbi Jo! i love the one of Brailey's face close up in the pool - and you and Brady look more FANTASTIC than you ever HAVE what is your secret?!!!! seriously! wowza! what a fun trip to sacramento - you know pete is from there! did you think of san fran - you were so close... someday - me you and the kiddos! i can't wait to see you in october - will let you know soon. thanks for the comment on my blog - i read it!!! hah :)
    hugs and love, nicoley


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