Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of Third Grade and Fifth Grade

Once again, I've had to throw my darling B's to the wolves... Big sigh. Did I cry today after dropping them off? Absolutely. Does the house feel like an empty tomb without them here? Pretty much. Were they excited for the first day of the school year? No - they were nervous. (To tell you the truth, so was I - Brady got up this morning and said, "Is everyone excited for today? I know Mom is. She's so excited she was up all night!" It's true - I couldn't sleep, thinking about today.) Do we welcome the daily routine and schedule the way most people do? Nope. We don't. The silver lining is they both have wonderful teachers I am so grateful they were placed with. Plus I love their school program and believe in their bilingual education. And I know the school year goes by quickly. I told them it will be summer again before we know it and to remember how fast the year goes. We had such a special, wonderful, fantastic, totally awesome summer, and it is hard to say good bye to all that fun, but I keep reminding myself every single day of our lives is fun. Just some days are more fun than others... With that, we bid summer adieu and welcome fall and school and schedules and a different kind of fun!

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