Monday, October 15, 2012

Alien Sighting and Lights in the Sky by Guest Blogger Brailey Murray

Brailey wrote these two short stories at school one day - I love them! Thank you, Doug Blancero (The Man from New York Who ISN'T My Boss) for giving us the great idea of posting their stories. I think they may have earned their own blog!

Alien Sighting
By Brailey Murray (Newpaper Reporter for the St. Marcus Newspaper)

There has been a UFO spotted at Max Brown's corn field! He said, "I was changing my hose when I saw it. I went to the spot and saw 1,000 dollars worth of corn gone!"

No one knows if it is real and what they wanted with the corn. Who knows?

And another one she wrote in the same packet of school work. The first paragraph was written for her, and she had to finish the story.

Lights in the Sky
By Brailey Murray

[One night while I was doing homework in my room, I heard strange noises outside. I ran out to find a large disk with flashing lights hovering over my house! It was going to land right in my backyard!]

I ran and told Mom and Dad and they looked at it! Mom immediately called 911 and we all took pictures of it, even Britt, my brother. 911 came and said we must have been seeing things. We showed them the pictures, but they were all gone! The camera said, "NO MEMORY" on it!

So all left and I finished my homework. It was sunset and I was feeling gloomy and sick. I went to school the next day and everyone knew about my incident. It was embarrassing!

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  1. Great stories Brailey! I am looking forward to reading more about what happened in your backyard and the corn. Thanks for sharing.


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