Thursday, October 11, 2012

Introducing ButaBinButaBoom, AKA Boomer

Isn't he beautiful?! This is the latest addition to our family, Boomer, given to us by Brady's sister, Suezy. She gave him to us when we were in Sacramento last month, and it has been a nightmare trying to find a way to get him home. But everything happens for a reason, and there are many things about Boomer that are, to quote Suezy, poetic. First of all, we needed another horse like we needed another cat, but what can we say? It was written in the stars. His name is Butabinbutaboom, but you may have noticed I capitalized the B's in the title of this post. I did this to point out the fact he has FOUR B's in his name. As if that weren't meaning enough, he came to Suezy and her boyfriend, Doug, on the 8th of October in 2010. Sadly, Doug passed away last year on the 8th of October. Here's where it gets even more interesting... Our dear, beloved, good friends, Robert and Stacy Hartley just happened to be going to Las Vegas last week  - they were hauling horses to a horse show there. On their way home from Vegas, they stopped for us in Lodi and picked Boomer up and brought him to us - on the 8th day of October. I kid you not. Suezy had him fixed up so cute - see the ribbon in his hair? His tail was braided and he looked like a diamond in the dust! I can't tell you what a relief it was to us to have the Hartley's haul him for us - I doubt if I will ever be able to convey to them how much it meant to us. Suezy had his papers in a special file with a personal note to me telling me about the 8th of October, which is a date we will always treasure, given the meaning surrounding it. The note made me cry (yes, and you know I don't cry!), because it was filled with beautiful words, and I have to say I feel a real connection with Suezy - she is a real person, and I feel like I can be myself with her. Robert said she and I have a lot in common - we both talk a lot. I took it as a compliment! And so we begin a new chapter in our equine world. My confidence has been lower than a snake since I had a crazy barrel horse and another horse buck me off a couple of years ago. I already feel a connection to Boomer, though, and ironically he looks like the first horse I ever barrel raced on, Herman. Boomer is a race horse, though, and the first thoroughbred we've ever owned, so it is going to be interesting to see what we can do. I think we are going to be great friends, and if I can make him a finished barrel horse for Brailey Shaye by the time she is in high school, we'll all be thrilled. If not, at least all four of us can ride together. Another blessing? He already looks like he is at "home." He had a few nerves to begin with, but by the end of his first day here, he was relaxed and happy. After a few "words" between him and the other horses, they are all settled in, which is a relief to me, because I worry so about such things. Please say a prayer that good things will come for us with Boomer, if you have time. I'm already head over heels in love with him!
 Meeting of the minds?
See his pretty ribbon? He and Maggie, Brady's mare, quickly became best friends. Texi-Man, Brailey's horse, has been devastated, because she used to be "his." But on his second day here, as Tex nickered and trotted up to see her, she trotted right on by to see Boomer, who had also nickered. Fickle female...
My other baby, Alvin. He has been a bit jealous of the attention Boomer's been getting.
Brailey checking on Boom-Boom. She loves him, too! She told me today he is her second favorite horse. After Tex, of course.
Everyone one fed and happy, each in their separate pastures. Another day in paradise!

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  1. Dear Bobbi Jo, I just read this again and it is beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to write such a heartfelt post with pictures. I feel a connection with you also. I especially thank you and my brother for excepting the "little gift" as it made the transition easier for me knowing he was with you guys and taken care of. He loved Brailey and seemed obsessed with being near her. It was cute. Britt will get along good with him too cause he does not say too much. I think Boom likes that. He took good care of Doug and I, he deserved to be happy with your family. Much love and respect, your sister in law Suezy


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