Monday, October 29, 2012

Mr. Montana and His Montana B's

Most kids get to relax or do something super exciting on their days off from school. Especially a four day weekend. Our kids? They get to go to work! What can we say? They are certainly the most well-traveled kids I know and spent three their four days off from school in the pickup, traveling with their mom and dad down the road. They were thrilled to help Brady set out all his samples for a client he met with last Thursday. They showed her every single piece and loved every second of it, and the client thought it was the neatest thing ever that Brady brought his family with him. We were blessed with a warmer day and sunshine, too, which made showing the silver even better. I'm not sure who loves this Montana Silversmiths business more - Brady or his little B's?


  1. It is a family affair! I love the pics with his glasses on - all business!


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