Thursday, November 1, 2012

Back to Being The Best Halloween Ever in 2012

I'm not sure if you remember last year's Halloween post, but it wasn't the best Halloween ever, because just a few hours before we got ready to leave, Britt came down with a fever and was sick with body aches and chills. This year, however, despite the school putting a real damper on all the celebrations (I have no idea why it is such a big deal to NOT CELEBRATE Halloween when it is such a fun holiday!), we made the day ours, from start to finish!
We're back to cleaning stalls, and this year I've been making the little B's hang out with me and help a bit. So of course the three kittens have been coming out, too, because wherever the kiddos go, the kitties go. So last week, we got a kick out of Little Gaga when she jumped on Boomer's back - he didn't even notice! He just wanted us to keep petting him. This week, Brailey jumped on Tex bareback, and her cat Jack jumped off the fence right onto her lap. Then Britt had to have a turn, and of course Rose had to get a ride on Tex, too. We have the silliest kittens in the world, but the gentlest horses. In the spirit of Halloween, we took a picture of them with their Halloween shirts on Texi-Man - he looks thrilled, doesn't he?
When Brady was back in Nebraska for training a few weeks ago, he met a store owner in Valentine, and wouldn't you know they talked a little football. So Brady sent him an Oregon Ducks cap, and yesterday, he got a package from the store owner - these two adorable orange store hats! Perfect for hunting and Halloween and any occasion. Brady was thrilled, and so was Britt. Lucky ducks, indeed!
Brady promised Brailey and Britt he would be the Incredible Hulk for Halloween this year. Brailey was so happy to be able to paint his face green - she couldn't wait! The B's are so lucky to have such a fun dad - he was a trooper, that's for sure!
 Get your paws up! And your game on!
They always start out trick-or-treating at our house. Brady takes them out the back door and they make their way to the front door, where I always have a bucket full of treasures for them. No candy, but a fun little toy. This has been our tradition for years, and it is our favorite part of Halloween, I think. In the picture above, they are checking out their loot.
This is my favorite Lady Gaga picture of Brailey - she even had the Gaga walk down, and everyone knew who she was, which made her super happy.
Brady and I laughed and laughed at Britt's costume - it was so fun to watch him walk from the back! I loved his sumo outfit! He really wanted to be a scary court jester, but he chose this costume instead, and it was a BIG HIT! (Pun intended!)
Luckily and amazingly, we only got a few specks of rain on us. It poured down rain all morning long, but come trick-or-treating time, the rain subsided, which was a real blessing. It was even halfway warm! I was worried Brailey was going to freeze, because she didn't want to wear a shirt under her costume - she is such a full-fledged Little Monster (that's what Gaga calls her fans), she couldn't bear to ruin the look, but she was perfectly warm all evening! Brady and I chuckled after we got home, because they only want to go to about five or six houses, and then they're done - they like getting dressed up more than anything. I'm grateful they aren't greedy little mongers!
See? They both came back to their new Halloween toys, a Barbie for Brailey and Avengers Legos for Britt. It was the one of the best Halloweens ever, and I'm grateful beyond words for that, because it is truly one of our favorite holidays. Blessed be, and now Happy Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos.

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  1. No rain!! so cool! i love the pic of britt from BEHIND that is hilarious... and the story of the cats jumping on the horse? woah there, you have some pretty nice animals. brady was a good sport - very impressed! hugs, nicoley


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