Sunday, January 13, 2013

Birthday Lovelies - A Few of My Favorite Things

I love that song from The Sound of Music... It makes me think of all my favorite things, too. Here are a few of my favorite things from my birthday - Birthday Lovelies, as I am calling them. (First and foremost on my list, the Aerosmith t-shirt from Nicoley in my Getting Older post!) I am lucky and loved and blessed with beautiful friends and family who have the best hearts in the world!
Brailey made my name out of Legos and also designed a bunch of Lego "cupcakes," which she arranged on the coffee table. So cute! She said it took her a long time.
 And this is a a card she made out of special paper she made with her best friend during that play date I mentioned last Saturday. I love it! They actually made this paper in a blender?
Britt gave me some "very rare - no one else in the world has these!" Trading Cards for the Comic Series he is developing. And note the "36" on the front of the card - I love it! And then then he wrote "big Moma," with the "big" really small - so funny!
These tulips are from my bestie - I have always loved tulips!
And these were waiting for me when we got home from school from Brady - he has been in Denver all week long for the big western market, so he's bringing me a surprise home from that shindig (I can't wait!), but these flowers are gorgeous and very thoughtful. It is hard to truly celebrate a birthday without the love of your life... Next year, I'm going with him to Denver Market!
This was one of my presents from Brailey - a "ticket" to an autographed copy of her Discovery Girl magazine, which she has been dying to get in the mail. It should be coming out any day, now. She is just as funny as Britt in her own way - I love it! It was hard for her not to go shopping for me, because she is so good at it, now, and knows just what I like. She and Brady have been discussing things on the phone while he is in Denver.
A new wallet, (which I actually needed to go with my new purse from Christmas that Brailey got for me!) from my parents with a very generous gift card inside - even though I tell them not to, my parents spoil me. Okay - I admit it - it's fine with me. I love being their daughter! And it's fun to be spoiled. When I thanked my dad for it, he said, "Yah, Mom said it looked like you." It made me smile!
And this little gem is a pillow that my bestie hand made for me! She is so amazing - she sewed the pillow and knitted the doily, and she also added an extra touch by using a button from my Grandma's button stash. I have a huge jar of buttons from my Grandma which I shared with her, and it was so sweet that she used this one for my special pillow. Every time I look at it, I am filled with love, because I think of Kim and her thoughtfulness and then I think of my grandma, which fills me to overflowing with love. Did I mention I am a lucky girl? I am. After all, these were just a few of my favorite birthday things...!

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