Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bond... James Bond - An Obsession


Blame it on Skyfall and our new tradition of seeing a movie on Thanksgiving Day. That's what started it, after all. Before seeing Skyfall, we hadn't seen any of the "new" James Bond movies with Daniel Craig. However, it must have been written in the stars for us 4 B's, because as luck would have it, just a few days before Christmas, we caught Casino Royale on our television! So we did something we've never done before with the kids - we stayed up LATE (11 o'clock!) and watched our hero take on the terrorists.

So you can imagine that after seeing the first of the new James Bond series featuring Craig, we had to find the second movie, Quantum of Solace. We did even better than that, though - we found a steal of a deal on both movies, and after we watched the sequel, Quantum, we watched Casino again, and this is a REAL shocker - we did it all in one day! We B's never-ever-EVER sit around and watch movies all day long, so this was a first for us, and it was thrilling!

As far as movies go, we would give Skyfall, the third movie in the series, a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10. This James Bond is so endearing because he isn't perfect. He has faults! And those blue, blue eyes of his are oh-so-charming. And best of all, he's funny! Plus there is a storyline to the series that is touching, as well. Have I mentioned we love Agent 007?

Now you might be thinking such movies are too violent for children to watch, but let me tell you - it is so over-the-top-NOT-REAL that the effect is more fun than tragic. In fact, we have joked many times that Brailey is a much better shot (with her BB gun), and perhaps they should all take some shooting lessons from her. For us, that is what makes it so exiting - the fact that the stunts are so far-fetched. That's James Bond for you, right?

Thanks to our obsession and day of James Bond action, I will admit I did lose a night of sleep - the theme song kept playing in my head all night long, and I couldn't make it stop! We are certainly looking forward to seeing Skyfall again when it comes out on DVD, and we can't wait to see what the next movie will bring! What can we say? There's worse things to be obsessed with as a family than James Bond. As far as addictions go, we think he's pretty fun! And if you haven't seen this series? We highly recommend it!

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