Friday, January 11, 2013

Britt's Humor

One thing about Britt - we can always count on him to make us laugh! He is so charming, and the best part is, he doesn't mean to be. He's just naturally that way... Some might say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and he's a lot like his dad, which is true, but he's definitely funny in his own way, too. I've always thought him an "old soul." He's just adorable to listen to!

Here are a couple of the latest funny/cute/precious things he has said:

One day shortly before Christmas, driving to school, the two little B's and I were discussing how cool their parents are (me in a joking, mother-like way.)  Brady and I frequently let our children know how cool and "groovy" we are. Isn't that what parents are supposed to do? Brady is always telling them they have "the grooviest dad ever!" So anyway, Britt said, in a very serious tone, "Yah, I'm starting to think Dad really is groovy. I mean, even Miguel thinks he is!" Miguel is a kid in his class.

And over Christmas Vacation, as we were watching his favorite show, Gold Rush, he came up with a real heart-melter. On the show, they were talking about morale and someone said "nothing fixes morale like gold." So Britt asked me what morale was. I said it was kind of like your feelings - are you sad, happy, depressed, confident? And he said, "Actually, nothing fixes morale like your mom."

Yah - that's our Brittster Man. He's a keeper, for sure!

The many faces of Britt... Here you see him with our popcorn bowl on his head (my Mom gave this to me for my birthday when I was pregnant with Brailey, and I remember my Grandma didn't think it was cute at all, because she remembered actually having used something like it for a "potty" back in the day). In the bottom two pictures, note the tag due to his shirt being on inside out and the last picture is his "Mob Boss" face, as if the bowl is a fedora. Like I said, he makes us laugh all the time!

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