Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ash Wednesday Ashes

You can barely see Brady's ashes, but they are on there! We enjoyed a wonderful mass, last night, and we are already enjoying our Lenten Journey, which we will share with you along the way. Brady gave up fizz (pop), I gave up peanuts, Britt gave up candy and Brailey is giving three compliments to three different people every day. We are also making a fun banner about our acts of kindness. And we are even looking forward to going to confession sometime in the next 40 days. What can we say? We truly love being Catholic!


  1. hey! i'm catholic too! that's so neat!! for lent, i'm giving up nutella, which is hard since i eat it every day :)

    1. Yay! Something in common! We love being Catholic. May you have a blessed Lent Season, and we wish you lots of luck on going with Nutella - that's a tough one. Good for you!

  2. thanks so much!! :) :) the same to you always!!


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