Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Germs, Germs and More Germs

I'm Bo, and I'm a Germ-A-Phobic, and I've been this way since shortly after my children were born... Yes! I admit it! Germs FREAK ME OUT! And guess what? They are EVERYWHERE! Ironically, I used to think a lady I worked with back in college who was a bigger Germ Phobic than me was kind of strange. Okay, fine - I even made fun of her with my friends, and yes, I regret it, and no it wasn't nice. My only excuse is that I was young and dumb. Still, it was wrong, and now I admire her persistence in being careful. She did all the things I find myself doing, now, such as using her sleeve to touch elevator buttons and to open doors - not only do I do this, I cringe when one of my B's just grabs the handle bare handed. THE GERMS!

I found myself getting even crazier about germs when Brailey was sick last week. I sprayed the areas of the house she had contaminated with Lysol. I did what I could, you know? And I wasn't as diligent as I could have been, but I found myself being filled with anger at people who send their kids to school before they are well. I don't understand why people do this? Brailey's teacher was so sweet about her being gone, and she said parents keep sending their kids back before they are well, and not only does this SPREAD THE VIRUS TO EVERYONE ELSE, it makes it harder for those kiddos to get well themselves.

I get that it is inconvenient when a kid is sick. It throws off your schedule, and causes stress and worry. I know I am lucky I can be home with my babies when they are ill - that is a blessing! But I still find it downright repulsive when people send kids to school before they are well.

My poor Brailey Shaye was sicker than she has ever been, and she's been through pneumonia, tonsillitis and a couple of other bouts with the flu over the years. This time, her temperature made it all the way up to 104.8, and kept climbing back up there after the fever reducers wore off. She lost her voice, her throat was on fire, she vomited, and then it turned into constant sneezing and snot, which made her entire nose and upper lip a mess of raw flesh. Seven days of misery until she even started feeling better!

So in my germ-infested household, I found myself becoming even more terrified of germs than usual. For example, I saw Britt's LIBRARY BOOK on the counter by the toilet, and I thought, "I wonder how many kids read their library book while they do their business on the toilet?" DISGUSTING! I bet a lot... And then they wipe, and do they wash their hands or go straight back to the book? AHHHHHHHHHHHH! And I have long warned my children to NEVER-EVER-EVER-UNDER-ANY-CIRCUMSTANCES, even if they are DYING of thirst, use a drinking fountain. Think of how many kids go to the bathroom and spread their poo and pee right onto the handle? Which lead me to caution Britt on the monkey bars - same thing, right? He LOVES the monkey bars, but what about all those GERMS?! And the days of running barefoot and carefree through the grass? Forget about that - how many dogs and cats have pooed and peed there? DISGUSTING!

I try to keep my phobia in check, but it is hard. My family knows I am a little crazy about it, and I think it is wearing off on them, also. Which makes me happy! I'm so glad Britt has issues with toilets away from home, because I really don't want him using the ones at school. And I have trained Brailey to always put paper down when she has to go the bathroom at school. Oh, and porta pottys? We NEVER use them, unless it is an absolute EMERGENCY situation. The mere thought of a porta potty makes me cringe... Total and complete filth!

Anyway, the point being, if everyone were more careful of germs, and stayed home when they were sick, and had better hygiene, perhaps there wouldn't be so much sickness running rampant though society. Although sometimes, I think ignorance is bliss, because if you don't think about germs the way I do, they don't bother you. Still, wouldn't it be nice if everyone kept their germs to themselves?

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