Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brailey's Fifth Grade Science Fair Project - Green Growing Grass

Well, we survived another Science Fair! We had an extra busy day and went straight to Britt's swim lesson after school and then after his lesson, grabbed a quick bite to eat on our way back to the school where both of the B's were able to change their clothes. Then Britt and I dropped Brailey off and waited in Estelle (our car) until the "public" was allowed into the Science Fair. See what I mean? Busy day! But once they allowed us in, it only lasted an hour, and Britt had a big time looking at every single project. He is the best viewer of science projects you've ever seen, and I don't think anyone enjoys it more. He questioned every kid and was truly fascinated! He talked about the different projects the entire drive home (lucky Brailey and I!).

This year, Brailey grew grass with different fertilizers - horse poo, chicken poo, Triple 16 and then one without any fertilizer. Brailey thought the Triple 16 would grow the fastest, but it turned out to be the slowest. The horse poo was the winner! Horse poo was followed by the plain potting soil and then the chicken poo. We are very proud of her board and thought it turned out well. She watered and measured the grass every single day for 14 days and recorded her data. She spent time putting her board together Friday, Saturday and almost the entire afternoon of Sunday. These science projects take a lot of time. Unfortunately, she didn't make the Top 15, but there were a ton of  really good projects, and like Brady and I shared with her, you win some, you lose some! And she's had a lot of success in her young life she can be proud of, including this science project.
 The supportive brother, even checking out his own sister's project. He and his best friend Daniel had a  big time making the rounds. 


  1. thats so cool!! congrats brailey!!

  2. Awesome! This is amazing! You did fabulous, Brailey! BTW, have you guys gotten the Nevada DG April/ May 2013 issue? Just wondering! THanks!:):):):)

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