Friday, March 1, 2013

Brailey's First Year of 4-H

Brailey is finally a 4-H girl! We tried to find her a club last year, but we didn't have any luck. Lane County doesn't have 4-H due to budget cuts (although they are trying to get it back), and so we have been searching high and low for a club close enough to us that we could join in another county. And right when we least expected it, we found the perfect one in Linn County, and we couldn't be more thrilled! There is a good variety of experience in her club - newbies like her, intermediate and experienced. And the leaders are fantastic! We've known one of them for a while, and although it took two years to get it done, the other leader convinced her to take on the role, and she is doing an excellent job. On a side note, she is also a volleyball fanatic, like we are, so we have a lot in common. It is going to be a fun adventure, no doubt about it!
 This is their first "Ride" Meeting. Brailey and Tex are ready to roll!
 Tex is such a funny horse to watch. You can read his thoughts as she rides him. Here, is he looking at me wondering, "when will we be finished with this nonsense?" Below, Brailey's Fan Club. Brailey is so lucky to have such a good dad and brother to support her!
Second Ride Meeting. They had a Business Meeting first, and so Britt warmed Tex up for Brailey. He did a great job!
 It was an extra special meeting for us, because Grandma and Papa were here! Papa and Tex have a special bond from their time together on the ranch, chasing cows and bulls and calves and branding and whatnot. We heard some stories about Tex we hadn't heard before, which was fun, and Papa had a lot of good advice for Brailey Shaye. He used to be my 4-H Leader, back in the day, so it was fun for him to see his favorite horse and Brailey experiencing something new. We all had a big time! (It doesn't take much to entertain us - a 4-H meeting thrills us to pieces!)
 Isn't this a cute picture? 
 My beautiful mother, also known as "Grandma." 
 Papa and his sidekick, Brittster Man.
 Papa helping Brailey get ready for her first Showmanship lesson. These two (Tex and Brailey Cakes) are going to be so cute together!


  1. This is super amazing!! Congrats!! GO BRAILEY!!!!:):):)<3:):):)

  2. I think she looks really good sitting up on that horse. Is she really tall now? She also inherited Brady an I's knees I see. Its alright Brailey better to ride your horse with! Good luck with the Club and I look forward to hearing about your events. Love Aunt Suezy


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