Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Rides

Brady on his pride and joy, Mag-Doll.
Look who's riding Alvin! And in her mother's barrel saddle! And her beautiful long legs are nearly as long as her mother's short ones! In all seriousness, Brailey Shaye has ridden Alvin twice, now, and he's been perfect for her both times. She can't do more than trot him at this point, until we get the final word from our vet, but it has been fun to see him relax and her confidence rise. And Britt is having a big time on Tex! Fun times at The 4 B's ranch...


  1. thats so neat! i dont have a horse, but ive always wished i do. :)

  2. This is the best! I wish I had a horse!:):):)<3:):):):)

  3. This is the best! I wish I had a horse! You are all super awesome!!!:):):):)<3:):):)

  4. Just catching up on a month or so worth of posts!!! you alllll have been so busy! I love that you are into vball!!!! It is the best sport, though i know the rules and stuff have changed since I played in high school. been trying to find a team or open gym myself here but can't seem to. spent another great weekend up at the cabin, starting to really come together (it needed a woman's touch hah!) hope your easter was great! can't wait to see you next hugs, coley


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